Effective Tricks to Enhance Customer Service in Magento

Customer Service

TechsPlace | 91% of the dissatisfied customers leave the online store to never come back again. And also, 96% of dissatisfied customers don’t like to complain. Enhance Customer service is an important part when it comes to retaining them. In this competitive market of Magento eCommerce, it is essential for you to retain your existing customers. Because acquiring a new customer base will cost you five times more than keeping your existing customers.

With brick and mortar shops, customer service requires fewer resources and efforts for a satisfied customer. But customer service is entirely different for online stores. And it requires more attention and effort from your team to make a customer satisfied. Because often customers won’t show any signs of dissatisfaction. But with the right kind of strategy, you can improve customer service. Also, you can improve their shopping experience, which ultimately makes them trust your brand and stay loyal to it.

Most of the big brands follow top-notch practices that help them sustain their trustworthiness. You can also follow these practices and hire a Magento developer to suggest your Magento store and improve your customer’s shopping experience.

Effective Tricks to Enhance Customer Service in Your Magento Store

To help you succeed in customer support and service, we have come up with 7 tips and suggestions. Many in the eCommerce industry follow these practices and suggestions.

  1. Take Good Care of Refund and Return requests

A well planned and thought-out return and refund policies are what one looks for when shopping in your Magento store. Great and detailed policies only enhance the shopping experience of your customers. The return and refund policies are a fundamental part of the eCommerce store. It differentiates you from other eCommerce stores. And an efficient RMA process may play a role of deciding factor for your customers to make the purchase.

These policies are essential for the success of your store. Because your customers don’t get to see the product in person until it delivers. Effective and attractive policies ensure your customers about the quality of the product and experience they will have. These policies speak out to your customer about how great your products are and if not satisfied you can return them to get a full refund.

  1. Offer Option to Live Chat with Use of Chatbots

Live chat is a convenient way for customers to get in touch with you. Now the technology has advanced and integrating live chat through chatbots have become a standard for your Magento eCommerce store. And also, one study shows that 63% of customers are more likely to return to stores with live chat functionality. Due to convenience and streamlining the buyer’s journey, customers favor this function. Also, the development cost is very low.

It offers your customers to get in touch with you directly without having to email or call you. You can also resolve their queries and complaints in a short period, which helps them make a buying decision. Also, there are so many Magento Extensions are available in the market that will help you to implement live chat functionalities within seconds.

  1. Take Good Care of Your Customers on Social Media

When it comes to quick response, customers turn to social media. They either complain or ask for help on social media from your brand and expect to get a response as soon as possible. As per HubSpot’s data, 72% of the customers expect a response from brands like you within one hour on Twitter. Other similar surveys have also found that 42% of users expect a response within 60 minutes and 32% expect in 30 minutes.

If you are unable to respond within this timeframe, then it gives them a bad impression of your brand. And then they spread the news with their friends and family. And as you know, the word of mouth technique can seriously affect your Magento store’s sales. Also, people on Facebook can see the average response time of yours. So, for your best interest in your brand and customers, you should have an employee looking after all these things and responding to complaints. If done right, it will boost the customers’ satisfaction significantly.

  1. Let Customers Help Themselves

Getting in touch with the brand representatives can be quite a confusing, long, and complicated process for some. So, let them help their selves. One survey from Zendesk found that 53% of the customers consider it important to resolve queries on their own. And people of this digital era want to help themselves without relying on others.

By preparing FAQs and a knowledge base, you can offer self-help service that can satisfy their needs. Also, you can prepare a list of complaints and questions you get and answer them in a detailed guide or tutorial. Most of the people would feel happy and satisfied if the knowledge base or FAQ section answers all their questions.

  1. Improve from the Feedback of Your Customers

Feedback from customers is an important part for you to grow social proof as well as get suggestions, and complaints. They are the most important assets of your Magento store. From customers’ feedback, you can know the level of satisfaction your customers feel. It clearly shows how happy your customers are with your products. And with that feedback, you can improve your products and services so that you can satisfy your future customers.

But the tough part is to get their feedback and reviews. However, with the right approach and incentives, it is possible. You can send satisfaction surveys to your customers and approach them whenever possible to find out their level of satisfaction. And also, you can use social media to run polls asking for expectations and suggestions whenever a new product is about to launch. It will make them feel happy and have a product or service specifically tailored to their needs, which also makes their feedback valuable.

  1. Practice Listening and Empathy

First thing you need to understand that behind every customer service request, there is a real human. They are already frustrated and looking for answers to their question. And your job is to listen to them intently and provide a solution. Not to make the job worse. The reason most businesses fail is that they don’t listen to their customers in the first place and make them feel inferior.

This is exactly the opposite of what you want. Understand them, try to be in their shoes, hear what they have to say, and empathize with them so that you can provide an appropriate solution. And to do so you and your customer support team need to have active listening skills. Concentrate on the person speaking, learn what they want to say, and then only open your mouth. If you do so properly, it can help de-escalate any conflicts and provide your customers with great customer service.

  1. Gather All Necessary Knowledge

Customers come to you for answers to their complaints and question, but what if you are not able to answer those questions. It will make you feel embarrassed in front of your customers and you will be wasting their as well as your time. So, learn all the necessary technical and product-related information beforehand.

You or your customer service team should understand the ins and outs of the products and services you are selling. This will help you troubleshoot the issues of your customers more easily. Also, you can share some tips and tricks you have learned, which could get your appreciation from your happy customers.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have got what you were looking for. An effective customer support team is like a heart for any eCommerce store. You should implement these effective tricks right away to enhance your customer service in your Magento store. These tricks will not only enhance customer service but will help you to garner loyal customers and more revenues. Consult an eCommerce expert if you are still confused about what practices you should opt for. An eCommerce expert will guide you on the path of success and help you to generate more revenue.