How the Virtual World Widens: Thanks to the Arrival of Cyberspace

Virtual World

TechsPlace | The presence and influence of technology in all areas of daily life, including in the social sciences, occurs independently of the debate that still exists regarding its benefits and defects. We should ask ourselves, then, how are these “electronic encounters” happening? And identify those determining vectors for the development of new cognitive directions of the upcoming virtual world.

Technology, its products, services, manifestations, and social and cultural messages, covered and concealed that it is a carrier, is part or is a common occurrence in the lives of almost all of us. For example, many people switch to buying their favorite watches at omega seamaster, instead of going to a physical watch shop. Its presence and influence occur independently of the debate that still exists regarding its benefits and defects and on what is the most appropriate way to define it, or what could be even more important, what is the most correct approach to approach its conceptualization, development, and application.

Computer Technology and Telecommunications

Inevitably, the impact of the manifestations of technology is also present in the educating forces that act in daily life, often spontaneous and imperceptible. These forces, or educational powers, usually operate outside the school environment and have a truly significant impact on society. It is interesting to note that this impact does not necessarily have a direct relationship with the immediate purposes that gave rise to these products, services, and technological manifestations. In this work, we analyze the new forms of interaction and transmission of knowledge, which occur within the virtual worlds immersed in cyberspace. It is detailed about the idea of ​​interactive communication that is being developed, based on the use of computer technology and telecommunications.


With the arrival of cyberspace, the virtual world widens. The virtual world that we are interested in describing here is the electronic, the “places” where experiences such as multimedia are simulated. Virtual worlds are not only bridges or mediations to understand reality, but they constitute one of the most perfected ways in which the culture of the next century is generated. The virtual worlds as mentioned from different media, become the new way of learning reality, relating to each other, of living the existential experience of the end of the century, of transmitting knowledge.

Symbolic Artificial Space

The virtual worlds are the conformation of symbolic artificial space, possible thanks to cyberspace and allow individuals to launch political, economic, friendly, playful, etc. The projections and symbolic figurations, which circulate through cyberspace, are capable of giving an outstanding meaning to the existence of the individuals. But before continuing fully with these lines of the electronic virtual worlds, we must mention that since the human is such, he has always had to resort to virtual mediation to relate and understand his environment.

Aesthetics or Science and Technology

The multiple paths of aesthetics or science and technology itself are both virtualization processes and means by which individuals can achieve this gradual, but unstoppable, virtualization process. Through the book, we imagine and draw scenarios, give coherence and propose a clarification of the environment; or what is the same, through the virtualization of the book vector we build and reconstruct the world with aspects that are not significant, in this way we nourish our individual and collective imaginary. Thus, the natural and artificial virtual worlds are logical results of the long process of humanization.

Uses and Benefits

At the same time, in addition to the phenomenon of online prescription as a method of attracting customers, we cannot forget another phenomenon that is fully emerging in the market: that of online reservations. Currently, almost 4 out of 10 reservations that restaurants receive are channeled through an online platform. Users point out that, thanks to this type of platform, they can benefit from being able to book at any time, without depending on restaurant hours, they can compare opinions from different places, based on real experiences of other users, and also they can benefit from some special promotion. To this phenomenon is added that we are increasingly mobile and therefore connected 24/7, which makes us able to search and book a restaurant, based on our criteria, in only 3 clicks. As data, currently, 70% of reservations are channeled through mobile devices. As a third phenomenon to highlight, we cannot forget the boom in home food orders, driven by the birth of different platforms that allow us to receive in our house any type of food, from an infinity of restaurants, in less than 30 minutes. According to an ISDI study, today the Spanish have made an average of 7 home orders in the last 3 months. A figure that, surely, will grow in the coming years.

Feature and Rates

Fortunately, due to the digital transformation, the hospitality sector has before it a great opportunity to grow, evolve and increase the frequency of visits, provided that it knows how to understand the new communication channels with potential clients and to approach them with A mindset open to the constant change we are living. In summary, you should know how to integrate the new phenomena and opportunities within your own strategies.

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Bottom line

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