How To Use Scan Doctor And HP Print For Windows To Fix Printer Problems?

Fix Printer Problems

TechsPlace | In today’s world most of the issues are solved using tools available in the online. Printer is one such device which is used widely for various uses in most of the places. So there is a possibility of these devices giving trouble at times.  In the same way HP Print and scan doctor is the tool that allows solving all the problems related to printing and scanning.  This is the tool is available only for Windows operating system and allows in resolving minor issues such as missing print drivers, print jobs stuck in the queue, connectivity issues, printer offline, scan error messages and others.

Process to use the tool

The process of using HP Print and Scan doctor for Windows operating system is as mentioned below in step –by-step process.

  1. The first and foremost thing to perform in the process is to download HP print and scan doctor from the official website.
  2. Once the download process is completed the next step is to visit the location wherever this file is downloaded and click on the HPPSdr.exe to run it.
  3. In the process of downloading it is essential to make sure that printer as well as computer is running.
  4. As soon as the HP Print and Scan Doctor is opened, then immediately click on the option of start.
  5. Now select your printer model from the number of printers available, in case if the model is not available in the list just click on the retry option by just turning it on.
  6. In case if still it is not available just check with connection problems.
  7. Then two options are displayed on the screen asking the user to select one and proceed to resolve the issue.
  8. Select either fix printing or fix scanning depending upon the problem.
  9. In case if the onscreen instruction prompts to install the printer software just follow it so that most of the printer issues will be solved.
  10. Then a list of the test results is displayed, so as to resolve if any issues are found.
  11. In order to indicate that the printer as passed the test it displays a check mark. green tick
  12. In order to indicate that the tool found some issues and as repaired it then a wrench is displayed.wrench
  13. In order to indicate that the test failed and requires user action, which was skipped is displayed by an exclamation point.exclamation point
  14. In case if the on-screen instructions need to be followed it is indicated by a cross mark.cross mark
  15. So follow according to the indications and fix the issue through HP Print and Scan tool.

All the above steps when followed carefully will resolve the issues pertaining to the printing or scanning issues. HP Print and Scan Doctor is one of the best tool that is available to solve many issues related to the printing and scanning with just few clicks, so that users need not worry much about these issues.

If you have any query related to your problem you can directly contact on HP technical support & HP Printer Support phone number (+1-844- 585-4521).

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