Website Load Speed Optimization (To Improve or Not to Improve)

Website Load

TechsPlace | Now a days having a fast website is crucial. Even though the content is super interesting and useful, the visitors may be unsatisfied with the speed. If you are a person who pays attention to the website performance, this article will be helpful for you.

The answer for the question: “To improve or not to improve the speed of website load time?” is much uncertain. And now we will explain why.

The Advantage of Speed Optimization

Google announced that the website speed is one of the points to consider the ranking of the results. As you know, it influences directly on your revenue. So, the loading time is an important aspect which makes the website successful.

To start improving the loading speed of your website, check if your hosting is really reliable and fast enough. Consider to change the web host package or the provider to improve your website speed. Check the professional VPS hosting review that performs different options on any budget and taste. Choose the option at a reasonable price that can ensure a sufficient loading speed for your site as well as 100% uptime. But you should mind, that unlike cheap and slow hosting, your fast website can easily rise in the rankings and, thus, give you the best possible results.

The Uselessness of Load Optimization

We cannot take too literally all of the requirements of Google. In contradiction to the first paragraph, other experts claim that the speed of the website does not matter. When the Google bot checks the site, it does not even measure the loading speed. Google PageSpeed gives a grade, but it is not an indicator of speed.

Moreover, it is impossible to receive the highest grade, and usually, such grades do not correlate to speed, that is why you should not bother about how the Google will rank the page. However, the human interest still has a moment…

Loading Speed

Next guideline and statistics should persuade you of the importance of speeding up the website.

  • Less than 1 second – excellent
  • 1-3 seconds – above normal
  • 3-7 seconds – normal
  • More than 7 seconds – very poor

This guideline is based on research studies, which also tell us some valuable data.

  • 47% of people expect the page to load in under 2 seconds.
  • 57% of visitors are ready to wait for 3 seconds, but also confirm, that they will close down the page, that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • A loading delay of 1 second can decrease your conversion rate by 7%.
  • This can lead to 11% of page views to be cut down and 16% growth in customer disappointment.

High Load Speed Matters

It was easy to come to the conclusion that speed optimization actually matters. It is important not only for ranking in SERP but for consumption. A high speed of site provides better visitors experience and realizes higher conversions.

For example, if you are into sales, good load speed will bring you an adequate response. That is because your website will have a higher “grade” and, as a result, a rank, if it is faster than the competitors’. Higher traffic attracts more quality customers, which ultimately increases your sales and generates more revenue.

In 2018 Google also stated that mobile site speed does affect how the page will be ranked. So, if you think that you need to increase the load speed, you would better do it on both the desktop and mobile site versions.

One more reason to speed up a website is technical. It is obvious, slow sites consume more hosting resources, which means extra-costs for you.


Summarizing all the above, we may assert that you definitely should improve the load speed of your website.

Firstly, if your website takes forever to load, then having an awesome content does not make sense because people aren’t even expected to stay and check it out.

Secondly, if your website will load faster, your ranking in search engines will be higher, because Google singles out fast websites, and rewards them with the highest ranking in the search engine results.

So, make an effort and prove that your website can be better than any else.