What Are The Best Ways to Measure the Quality of Offshore Software Development?

Offshore Software Development

TechsPlace | Whenever you think about offshore software Development Company, just think about the process of outsourcing. Offshore software engineering is quite similar to the word of outsourcing. It is the process when you send your business project to be carried out remotely by some experienced people. One of the most common perceptions of offshore is it doesn’t cost much but can be risky when it comes to ROI.

However, if managed properly and professionally, then offshore custom software development can help a lot. As the competition in every industry is now increasing, developing a perfect digital product such as an app, website, chatbot, etc. can be a difficult task for you. Suh task requires a perfect amalgamation of budget, people, time, resources and effort. That’s why most business houses prefer to hire an expert to handle such a task.

Such types of services are generally provided by IT companies to solve their client’s demands. To match with the particular requirements and preferences, IT companies develop new and unique creative strategies for the company. Besides this, such services are not for mass; it is used to meet the specific requirements of a particular group or customer. In this process of development, the task is outsourced to the offsite location.

However, without the right processes and equipment, offshore software development can go wrong, leading to poor software. You will find everything out of control. That’s why you need to measure the quality of software development to get the best products. So, let’s have a look into this matter.

How to measure the quality if offshore software development?

Remember that not all the offshore custom software development process will turn out beneficial for you. That’s why it is quite important to measure the quality of software development. For this, experts prefer to use software metric which enables them to know the quantitative value of software’s specifications and features. The primary objective of measuring the quality of the software is to use the obtained results for planning the budget, scheduling, testing, debugging and more.

  1. Agile metrics

Agile metrics are generally used to enhance the software development process. Here you can consider the factors like lead time, team velocity, open and close rates and more. Lead time evaluation helps to know the time taken by the team to obtain software development ideas and delivery of the software.

It is believed if the team has sufficient time, they will be able to offer you high-quality and error-free software. Talking about the cycle time is the lead time taken for developing new software and deploying it in the production process. By velocity metrics, you can evaluate the sprints and assesses the performance of the offshore custom software development team.

  1. Software production metrics

Such metrics assess the scope of assignments done. It also helps to measure the productivity of software development teams. It evaluates the operation speed to make sure the software has a good quality. The quantifiers are:

  • Active days:

It is the time spend by a software developer to develop a functionality. It doesn’t include planning and other normal activities. Such an evaluation can help to detect the hidden costs related to product development.

  • Productivity:

It is the volume of code, carefully produced by the software developer.

  • The time between failures and repair:

Remember that no offshore custom software development avoid failure completely. That’s why the team must evaluate the mean time between failures and recoveries.

  1. Software security responsive metrics

This software development quality measurement is used to understand the software’s security responsive level. No matter how effectively you are using the software, there will come a time when the software face issues. Using these metrics, you can evaluate the time required to detect the issues and fix them. The development process must have these metrics.

  1. Size-oriented measurement metrics

You can use these metrics to analyze the software quality through KLOC- Kilo Lines of Code. This is generally used to detect the errors, bugs, and costs per 1000 lines.

  1. Software function-oriented methods

The function metrics is the core quantifier. It is used to measure the functionality of the software. Here you need to consider the errors reports, user inputs, user inquiries, and messages.

  1. QA Metrics

Testing is one of the important parts of offshore custom software development process. There is a lot of metrics for software quality testing, but they must be indicative. The QA Lead generally uses obtained metrics, and it helps in determining the progress of a software development project. The reports further help in enhancing the SDLC- Software Development Lifecycle. For better result:

  • Always assign testing to a responsible expert.
  • Remember to calculate the efficiency of the software matrices.
  • Understand where to use the obtained result to boost the software development process.

Keep these things in your mind to make sure the development process is going well, and in the end, you will get an effective software.

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