Technology That Has Become Inevitable


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Without a doubt, technology has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. And each day technology is growing, that too at an enormous pace. It’s literally hard to keep up with the recent technology. It’s almost every day and every week, that new nifty gadgets (Smartphones, Smart TVs, Gaming devices and so on) and innovative, mind-blowing electrical systems are launched in the market. We haven’t been acquainted enough with our latest gadget as yet and we get to hear that a newer and upgraded version of that gadget is already dropped in the market. There is hardly any arena and field of life where we don’t use technology. Technology has made things very convenient for us, saving us a lot of time and energy.

Said that we would only discuss the one that we believe has become inevitable. And that is the Internet. We have started depending on the Internet so much, and rightly so, because it has made things very convenient and handy for us, saving us a lot of hassle and energy. And the addictive nature of the Internet has further made us used to it. ISPs are earning a major bulk from the provision of Internet services. People tend to essentially subscribe to Internet deals, but the Cable TV and Phone subscriptions are comparatively lesser. Still, people do love economical Cable TV subscriptions like Spectrum Cable TV Packages. But the trend is shifting towards having entertainment of your choice and on your terms via the Internet.

We’ll list down some of the reasons why the Internet has become so imperative in our lives.

Educational and Professional Use

Internet cable

The Internet has facilitated us in innumerable ways. Forums like Google and Bing help us find answers to every possible query and question that we might have. Educational research ventures have become so easy and handy with online modes of research, making it all convenient and easy. Although, people have left book reading habits because the dear Internet and it is actually one thing that worries us. Competence that is acquired by reading books is something that is irreplaceable. However, books are also available for online reading, and there are gadgets that are customized to facilitate book-reading to the fullest.

Generally, forums like Google (rightly called the Messiah of Digital Age) help people research about all sorts of things and amaze us with answers and information on every and all sorts of topics and things. It has greatly helped students and scholars from every possible branch of knowledge and every age group to get their targeted information from Google. There are sites and forums that have gained a name in providing authentic information and can be trusted and quoted for accurate information. On the contrary, there are also forums like Wikipedia that are not considered very authentic.

As far as, professional use is concerned, we have been facilitated by this amenity to ensure communication with our bosses and colleagues. Also, we have Apps like Skype and Skype for Business, that make communication very easy. They support messaging, calling, video-calling, and conference calling, to cater for all our professional communication. Moreover, we can email our completed assignments and tasks. It’s not just these, but most of the official records and sheets are now maintained online.



Entertainment is one of those major things that are essentially brought to us through the Internet. We have already mentioned how people are shifting to Online modes and forms of entertainment from the archetypal modes such as television. The Internet provides the ease to watch shows and movies or any other entertainment content of your choice at the time that suits you, contrary to the Cable TV, where you have to glue yourself to the TV screen at the times of airing the shows. People still get attracted to offers and promotions on Cable TV plans, such as Spectrum Cable Plans and packages, but we all know that watching your favorite show in the cozy environment of your bedroom, on your private and preferred gadget is a far better idea.

Also, Internet caters for entertainment provision to all age groups, through sites and forums like YouTube, Social Media sites and many other Apps and sites.

No wonder Online Streaming has become a way of life!

Staying Connected

Social media

We all can relate to the fact that the Internet has made staying connected way too easy. Novel texting and calling Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facetime, and the likes, have made texting, calling, video calling and staying connected with our loved ones very easy. Social media sites and forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also help us stay connected and updated with our friends, families and their activities.

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