Top 6 Virtual Event Software To Host Virtual Events

Host Virtual Events

TechsPlace | The current scenario has taken the world upside down, which resulted in the cancellation & rescheduling of various events across the globe. Organizations around the world are scrambling to connect with their employees residing in different remote locations.

Virtual events have become immensely popular in recent times. Organizations have planned to move their events online to connect with employees remotely. With the advancements in technology, remote meetings services came into existence, which allows meetings to take place over the internet, irrespective of geographical locations.

Various virtual events platforms allow businesses to collaborate with global delegates residing in any corner of the world. Remote meeting solutions allow businesses to share information, discuss plans and goals over the internet in a secure environment.

Remote meeting technology allows you to interact with your audiences in real-time and achieve your set goals. Planning to host a virtual conference or a webinar for your organization, a virtual event platform serves all. Selecting the best virtual event platform for a business that offers a custom webinar solution is a tough and challenging task.

Virtual Event Software Platform

In this article, we have covered some virtual event software platform that helps you run your events remotely and offers extraordinary webinar services. Let’s have a look at virtual event software in detail:

  1. BigMarker

BigMarker is one of the top trending virtual event platforms for businesses that is convenient and easy to use. It offers remote meeting solutions that allow organizations to carry webinars, virtual meetings, conferences & summits to connect with remote audiences seamlessly.

BigMarker virtual event software is a web-based platform that allows attendees to attend your event without having to download.

With BigMarker, you can provide the direct link or URL to the registered attendees, thus saving them from the hassle of joining the virtual event right from the start. It comes with various functionalities such as live streaming, pre-recording, and the ability to schedule sessions for the event. BigMarker offers a wide range of pricing options that allow businesses to select as per their needs.


  1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers you endless possibilities to host several numbers of events in a virtual space. It enables organizations to benefit from remote meeting services and host virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, annual general meetings (AGMs), career and job fairs, trade shows & exhibitions, talk shows, and many more in a safe and secure environment.

The power to customize virtual/hybrid events and connect with your audiences in real-time. And Dreamcast webinar services offer immersive digital experiences, thus resulting in amplifying your reach and enhance engagements interactively. The virtual event software platform offers various functionalities to host virtual events.

Right from live streaming of an event, pre-recording, on-demand videos, ability to host automated scheduled events & series webinar in full HD, Dreamcast serves all. Backed by 24*7 customer support, Dreamcast virtual event platform helps you to carry out your events seamlessly right from registration to measuring the analytics.


  1. GoToWebinar

When the talk goes around the virtual event software to carry your event online, GoToWebinar can’t be missed. It is one of the top virtual event platforms for businesses. GoToWebinar offers hassle-free virtual audio and video meeting solutions to connect with audiences residing in different remote locations. From the host perspective, it allows you to share emails, recordings, and files. With GoToWebinar, you can boost interactions and engagement. It allows you to interact with the participants in real-time via live chat. GoToWebinar virtual event software allows participants to join in discussions, participate in polls and surveys during virtual meetings.

It offers various advanced features that allow attendees to join the webinar or conference automatically. GoToWebinar advanced plan allows users to create browser-based broadcast conferences.


  1. Adobe Connect

Are you looking for a platform with advanced features? Adobe Connect is one of the best virtual events platforms that have excellent features. It allows you to host your virtual events seamlessly and reach your audiences remotely. Adobe connect comprises distinctive features such as webcam functions, video sharing, and so on. This virtual event software has many different modular features.

Adobe Connect allows users to share screens, record webinars & navigate the virtual event. Talking about the downside of Adobe Connect, the only drawback is, Adobe connect virtual event software takes a little longer to start working. Apart from it, adobe connect works well and fully integrates with all other Adobe products.

Adobe Connect

  1. ClickWebinar

Are you planning for hosting a virtual conference or organizing a webinar? ClickWebinar is one of the best virtual event software platforms that comprise distinctive built-in features. It helps you to carry out your virtual events effortlessly. ClickWebinar allows you to share the screen with other participants amid the virtual meeting, thus boosting virtual event experiences and making the event more interactive and engaging. Apart from screen sharing, it even offers preview slides, an interface supporting multiple languages to offer delightful experiences to attendees.

ClickWebinar virtual event software allows users to customize the platform as per their company needs. It enables users to take advantage of the interactive tools and create live discussions, polls, and surveys that allow participants to interact. This Virtual event software allows you to host private one-on-one meetings in a virtual space as well.


  1. MegaMeeting

MegaMeeting is one of the best Virtual event platforms with an intuitive user interface. It allows users to share files with participants in real-time. With MegaMeetings, users do not have to download and install the software to access meetings online. It allows an unlimited number of participants to join in the virtual event. The latest version of the software offer features like private branding and exclusive server access along with 24*7 customer support to answer your queries.


If you have not yet opted to move your events online, now is the time. There are several virtual event software available that allows you to live stream, pre-record, offer on-demand videos & so on. Selecting the best virtual event software platform out of them is a challenging task. We have shared a list of top trending virtual event software to carry out your events seamlessly and deliver mindblowing virtual event experiences.