5 Benefits of Link Building For Your Website

Benefits of Link Building

TechsPlace | The Internet has revolutionized how the world does business. It has eliminated physical barriers and made it possible for someone in Brazil to shop for and purchase something from a seller in Viet Nam and have it delivered to an address in Portugal. All that from the comfort of their home. As we move along in this article we will be knowing the Benefits of Link Building.

But while the Internet has unleashed countless opportunities for commerce, it does have some limitations. One of these is visibility. A traditional brick and mortar store has a physical location, so even without doing any advertising; it’s apparent to any passerby that the business is in operation. For a website, going live does nothing for your visibility. Nobody out there will know you exist until you begin to take deliberate action to make yourself known.

There are various digital marketing strategies you could deploy, but link building should certainly be at the top of your list.

Here’s a look at the main Benefits of Link Building

1. Increased Website Traffic

Link building entails inserting links to your pages within content hosted on third party websites. That gives you access to readers of the third-party site. If your link and anchor text is relevant and descriptive enough to capture the reader’s imagination, they will be drawn to click on your link for more information.

Your backlinks can, therefore, become a direct source of site traffic. There are various tools available today, such as Linkio, which help you plan your link building strategy, including identifying the most effective anchor text with Benefits of Link Building.

2. Improved Search Ranking

Backlinks are one of the top three ranking signals Google uses to determine the order of search results. The Google search algorithm considers backlinks a vote on a website’s authority. The more the number and quality of backlinks your site attracts, the greater the likelihood that your content delivers tangible value for the reader.

So a site with a high number of quality backlinks will be ranked higher in search results than one with fewer. Higher search results ranking, in turn, implies more traffic to your site.

3. Improved Reputation

Backlinks are a classic example of growing your reputation by association. Readers consider a backlink an endorsement of sorts, especially if the link is on a high profile site. Link building can strengthen your online brand.

For instance, if an article on Forbes.com includes a link to your site, Forbes readers will automatically perceive your site to be of a certain minimum standard. The assumption, though not always accurate, is that Forbes.com must have done some extensive background research to confirm that the content on your site is credible.

4. More Conversions

The reason you want more visitors to your website is your aim to grow your conversions. Conversions here could mean anything from product purchase or mailing list subscription to filling a contact form or downloading a report.

Link building grows your site’s traffic and subsequently increases the opportunities for lead conversion. If your links and anchor text are embedded in the content correctly, they could give your website leads that are much closer to conversion than leads from other sources.

5. Building Partnerships

Every cause needs allies to raise the speed and probability of success. Whereas nothing is preventing you from realizing your site’s objectives on your own, partners accelerate the pace at which you get to your goals. Link building is a great way to establish broad-based long-term partnerships. It comes down to how you pursue guest posting opportunities on non-competing sites.

Some sites will be hesitant to work with someone who goes straight to asking for a guest posting opportunity. You have a better shot at getting a favorable answer if you first cultivate a relationship with the blogger or site. Comment on their posts, share their social media posts, suggest improvements to their site, and recommend topics they could cover. By the time you submit your guest blogging request, you’ll already have a degree of mutual familiarity that could form the basis for broader collaboration.

There are various strategies and tactics you could deploy for link building. SEO experts aren’t agreed on whether and which is most effective. What they are agreed on though, Benefits of Link Building are to a great extent if planned and executed well. If you have any ambitions of growing your website’s profile, reach and traffic, then link building is something you will be keen on.