What are the Best Ways to Implement SWOT Analysis?

SWOT Analysis


Most people think that running a successful is not an easy task. But actually, it is. If you are using the right approach and clear with SWOT Analysis, then it is much simpler for you to set up your flourished business. You must be inquisitive to know what is SWOT Analysis? Or How can you do it rightly? It can also be used in Agile Development Success.

What is a SWOT Analysis?

Everything about your business is analysed through the help SWOT Analysis. Either it’s a bad or good thing; is very well known in both ways that are external and internal viewpoints. SWOT, where S Means Strengths, W means Weaknesses, O means Opportunities, and T means Threats.

Questions must have asked with your teammates to help your SWOT analysis. For creative and spark thinking, you must ask all these questions.


  • Strength deals with the positive attributes of the organization. You can ask these question like
  • Which business processes are working speedily?
  • Does your team is having these assets, such as network, skills, education, knowledge, reputation etc.?
  • What physical assets your company must have, like equipment, cash, customers, patents, technology?
  • Are you facing competitive advantages or not?


Weaknesses are negatives points of your company which make you distracts from the strengths. If you are in competition, then you must focus on your loopholes and weakness like

  • Are your organisation working in the direction of competition?
  • Do business processes in your organization need any improvement?
  • Do you need tangible assets for your organisation like equipment, money?
  • Does your place is ideal for future growth and success?


Opportunities are the best way to increase productivity in your business. If you want to contribute success in the business, ask these questions.

  • Is your company is becoming a brand among people or do people demand your products?
  • Are you planning to organize an event for future advancement in the business?
  • Are you going to implement any changes which can increase the sales and impact your company in a positive manner?
  • If you are going on increasing your business, do people really appreciating your products or not?


Threats are external factors which can affect your business. Hence, you must be aware of the upcoming threats, so that you can prevent your business from unwanted damages and threatening factors. For dealing with these not required threats, you must be clear with contingency plans, if any point they occur. Questions would be like this

  • Does the number of your competitor is increasing in the market place?
  • Will suppliers will always be ready to offer the raw materials as per decided budget?
  • Could future technologies and advancement affect your business?
  • Does the behavior of consumers is changing in an effective way which can even influence your business?
  • Can any market trends affect your business in future?

These are the question which must be asked while you are planning for your business. However, asking these questions is not enough. You must know how you can do SWOT analysis? look at these following points

Gather the right people

It’s not always required that only senior officials or founders can take the right decisions. Even the employees of your organisation can guide you as well. You must be ready to do encouragement and get their ideas for improvement. Regular feedback and lean ideas from the employee side can affect your business. Hence, gather the right people to boost your sales and business.

Brainstorming session

Once you gathered the right audience, go for a brainstorming session. This session list the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the organisation which is quite important to discuss. No matter you have a small or large team, set up this session and get the views of your teammates. It will help to see the various perspectives of the people.

Work on gaps

Now you get the long list of doing, it’s time to fill the dots. Just go through the feedback and try to cover the gaps with right implementation. It’s an opportunity for an organization to think and go beyond the mark.