10 Most Beneficial Easy to Use Plugin for WordPress

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TechsPlace | Are you looking for the most outstanding WordPress plugin to take your business to a top-notch higher in 2020? There are several WordPress plugins that you can incorporate to use on your business website. These are the significant reasons new users find it difficult to identify the correct plugin for their site. It is important to note that a useful plugin has the power to help you in creating a skyrocket the success of your online business. WordPress Website Design Company can incorporate several plugins, where some of them are free online while others you have to pay to use them. I have discussed the best ten most useful plugin that is easy to use that you must have on your website.

  1. Monster insights

This is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that allows you to connect with the site’s search engine analytics. It helps you to see how people are finding and using your business website. It is the best part is that it shows you vital stats that matter in your WordPress dashboard. Once you have that information, you optimize your site following the increase of your traffic subscribers and the revenues it achieves. Monster has a free version, but its main advantage is that it has the power of unlocking whenever you upgrade it to the premium version. Notably, over 2 million websites are using the monster insight plugin.

2. Yoast SEO

Optimization of the search engines will help you in acquiring more visitors to your website. While on the other hand, WordPress is SEO friendly and requires one to do so much to increase visitors on your website. Yeast SEO is the most popular plugin that offers a comprehensive solution with all its features and tools that you may need to improve your on-page SEO. The plugin has a powerful redirecting feature that helps you in creating the 301 redirects, which is very helpful to your site. Also, it helps in detecting changes of the URLs and builds auto-redirect to avoid the broken links on your website.

3. Constant Contact

 Emails are useful yet reliable marketing tools that are very available for you as the business owner. This is the reason; it is recommendable for every business to begin creating their email lists. Constant contact plugin is the most outstanding plugin when it comes to email marketing service providers globally. It is an agile platform that is easy to set up even for non-tech users. This is because it works very well with the leading generations for WordPress.

4 Wp rocket

It is yet another caching plugin in the market that allows you to improve the speed of your business platform with no technical skills. It is a recommended WordPress caching setting in the likes of G-zip, page cache, or the pre-loading cache. Ensure to turn on the optional features to enhance and improve the speed of the page load. Besides, the Wp rocket does not wait for people to ask the page to save it in the cache but automatically crawls and builds your site. Also, it offers to magnify, which optimizes images to help you speed up your website. It is more comfortable and friendly to the beginners though it is a paid option and not free.

5. Updraft plus

It is a popular WordPress plugin for back up that is on the market. It helps you in setting up automatic backups for your website, which enhances safety on a remote location in the likes of Google Drive, emails, among others. Another thing is that it makes it easy in the process of restoring your website after a backup. Its base plugin is free of charge though there is a paid plan that has extra features and priorities in support.

6. Sucuri

Security for every business is the most vital thing, especially for online business owners. In that case, sucuri offers WordPress security and other website firewalls that provide the best protection for your website. It aims at monitoring and protecting your website from malware threats, XXS attacks, and any other type of attack. It is essential to have a firewall on your business website for security measures. Besides that, the security plugin helps in blocking all attacks on WordPress beginners.

7. Beaver builder

It is the best drag and drop building pages for your website platform. It allows us to easily customize the website design and creating custom page layouts without including any code. The business owners choose over others since it helps them build custom landing pages within no time and without having to get a developer to do it for you.

8. Member press

It allows you to create online communities and membership websites using the WordPress platform. It is the best of all membership plugin in the market. You can build subscriptions and restrict the content users depending on the different plans. It works well with all payment methods and plays well with the online stores through woo-commerce.

9. Learn dash

It is a suite for website applications in the likes of docs, Spreadsheets, emails, among others that are created by Google. It is a powerful set that is cheap, which can be deployed and hassle-free. It allows you to save up the cost you use in software licenses, hardware, hiring IT, and many more. Also, it will enable you to use professional email addresses through your business domain name that is inside Gmail.


The above discussed concludes the ten most useful easy-to-use plugin for WordPress that you should incorporate in your business. Depending on the type of your business, you may not need to include all the discussed WordPress plugin into your business website. But, at least you can choose from these for a better result that will lead to increased traffic on your site.