13 Top Ranking iOS 11 Features That You Might Be Looking For

iOS 11 Features

TechsPlace | The release of iOS 11 has undoubtedly addressed a number of highly demanded new features and upgrades to the existing ones in terms of performance and extended value additions. Apple has always privileged its end users’ preferences above anything else and the all-new iOS 11 has started to prove it similar to the previous releases. Let us now quickly get onto those top 13 newly added iOS features that have attracted the majority of iPhone and iPad users around the world.

  • Live Photos

The latest iOS 11 has completely reconsidered the feature for live photos. Now users are able to transform their live photos into the GIF format. The newly added capability allows users to dynamically animate their photos while using simple and easy to understand options.

  • Extended Storage

The all-new iOS 11 has brought a prominent change to its traditional compression framework for multimedia files. The newer version exclusively allows users to store as twice as many photos and videos compared to the previous version of iOS. By following a simple step that requires you to select the option for optimizing iPhone store from the settings.

  • App Store

Apple has finally inherited its unique and creative design theory to the dedicated App Store that comes with iOS 11. Similar to the Apple News and Music apps, the all-new app store has been similarly designed with interactive design layout value additions. Above all, the all-new inclusion of the highly personalized “Toady” section is worth mentioning.

  • Cleaner iMessage

Apple has finally succeeded to release a much cleaner version of its iMessage feature. Apple experts have delicately redesigned the interface of iMessage by making it easier to find value-added options for stickers, GIFs and other visuals that play a primary role in the entire feature. According to most of the initial user feedbacks, the newer version of iMessage appears to be really up to the mark.

  • Siri

Apple has indeed focused a lot to upgrade Siri with greater value additions. Primarily, the company experts have upgraded Siri with a more realistic voice. In addition to that, Siri now features a more advanced and improved artificial intelligence backed framework that brings more intuitive and smart feedback to the end users. In addition to these highlighted upgrades, now Siri can also translate your given sentences into other languages which have undoubtedly become the greatest value addition.

  • iPhone Keyboard

Upgrading the iPhone keyboard has brought considerable value addition for the iPhone users. Now single-handed operation has become much easier than ever before. The latest release of iOS 11 enables users to hold the key for emoji in order to move the entire keyboard layout nearer to the thumb in order to better support single-handed operation. In addition to that, the all-new version also offers predictive text similar to the android platform where word suggestions between different apps come from a universal machine learning based dictionary.

  • Control Center

According to most of the industry analysts, the control panel that was first added back in the iOS 7 is considered to be the most important value additions that have been upgraded over the time. The newer version of iOS now allows users to effectively manage the entire control panel by enabling them to reposition, show and hide several of their most favorite options.

  • Notifications

The latest iOS 11 has considerably upgraded the notifications sections where users are provided with all of their notifications collectively that includes both the newer ones and the missed ones. While looking into what most of the iOS users have concluded about this change, considerable positive feedbacks have made it clear that the upgrade is undoubtedly useful for them.

  • Do Not Disturb

Apple has continued to provide a dedicated key for the do not disturb feature but with the release of iOS 11, experts have noticeably improved its performance. The upgraded version exclusively participates in terms of attaining a fully distraction-free environment for the end user when needed. It not only controls the various notification and incoming connections to the device but it can now also send notifications to others that you will get back to them once you are done with driving.

  • Maps

One of the most beneficial and value-added upgrades that come with iOS 11 is the enriched version of Maps. The company has included a number of indoor maps and navigation guides of the most famous airports and other public spaces in order to provide a better Maps experience to the end users. Moreover, Maps have been also upgraded with the inclusion of lane to lane guidance in terms of attaining more precision based live navigation.

  • Data Imports

One of the unique inclusions that come with iOS 11 can be found in the area of data imports. If you are an old iPhone or iPad user and want to migrate to a newer iOS device than the procedure for data import is now pretty easier. Now users can easily import all their settings, privileges and important credentials by simply positioning and holding their new device parallel to the older one and it will magically import everything.

  • Volume Bar

One of the most annoying user interface elements was the volume bar screen that pops up in the middle of the screen whenever users change the volume of their device. Apple has now finally optimized it by delicately placing it to the top right corner of the screen with a slimmer and horizontally designed smart visual.

  • Credentials Sharing

Sharing and managing network credentials was always a complex task for almost every next iPhone and iPad user. The latest version of iOS offers a more intelligent and smart solution to that. Now in cases where you want to connect to a known Wi-Fi network, all you have to do is holding your device near to an iPhone or iPad that is connected to that network to import passwords.

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