5 Best Apps To Make Your iPhone Super-Private


TechsPlace | As mobile phones are integrated with limitless technologies, our phones are becoming more about vault of our personal data like; photos, videos, personal emails and notes than just a communication device. All these data need to ensure security and privacy and for this matter we do take some measures, but again how secure such measures are? You never know when and how someone with bad intentions can access our data unauthorized and possibly can use that against us as observed in many previous instances.

This is the age of information, where governments, agencies, and hackers are after information, making this age more susceptible to data-breaching; it has never been more important to protect our personal data than ever before. We have pooled 5 best apps for your iPhone that’ll make it super private and secure. This would help those who don’t have significant knowledge about cyber-security and want to reduce the exposure and risks associated using iPhone especially when it comes to unwanted access.

5 Super iPhone Apps for Super-Secrecy

1- Mynigma – Cryptonize your emails

Emails are one of the most professional ways to exchange confidentiality in the business world. Given the sensitive nature of emails, it’s highly important to secure them from prying eyes. Do you know, an average of 120.4 billion emails exchange per day within the business industry, a huge field for the hackers to play his/her skills.

Mynigma is a email security app that provide end-to-end encryption for the purpose of securing emails against cyber threats. An encrypted layer on emails would hinder hackers to spoof into your personal and professional emails; hacker would left with gibberish data that is impossible to decrypt. It has easy to use interface like other mainstream email apps including outlook, gmail, yahoo, etc. It’s a highly recommended app for your emails as this does not support cloud-based encryption; your emails will not be stored on clouds, resultant no vulnerabilities. You can also use this app on multiple PDAs and manage keys easily.

2- Keeply – A Spy-level App

One of the biggest threats to your iPhone is loss or theft and in such cases, data-breaching becomes relatively easier as bypassing your mobile password is just 2 mins task for a professional hacker. To protect your personal data in such misfortunes, you must have an app with 360 coverage that can recover your data, locate your phone and sensitive information saved on your iPhone; now don’t cry for your precious data in case you miss your phone or mobbed.

Keeply with neat and intuitive interface, offers more than just a vault to store your pictures, videos and passwords. With this digital vault, your data remains in your iPhone, not on the cloud; there is a possibility of backing up the data. The app doesn’t ask accessibility permissions to access your personal information and does operate in offline mode. Keeply features Intruder Photo – takes the picture of a person trying to access your personal data illegally, and Fake Pin – you can share fake pin with your family and friends and when they enter the fake pin, they end up with empty vault. You can use your face to lock/unlock, simple face-down and app is locked.

3- Lock It up – a Remote Lock

Have you ever forgot to lock your office computer and leave the work premises and got to know while sitting your dining table? The world is running so our memories, we normally forget our home or work PCs to lock and leave unlocked. Now you don’t need to rush back to your office/home just to turn your system off, there’s an app that remotely locks your Mac or PC from your iPhone or Apple watch.

Lock It UP locks your computer with one push button, regardless of how far you are from your computer. Meet an absolutely wonderful iOS app Lock It Up worth $3.99 and lets you remotely lock as many systems as you want with a single tap; next time don’t worry about your important task that you forgot to close on your laptop. In case you left your phone on the table, Apple watch would work this wonder for you. The best thing of this app is that it doesn’t require Bluetooth to connect; a Wi-Fi is all you need to synchronize your mobile app with the system/s.

4- NordVPN – Anonymize your Digital Existence

Many at times we want an app that offers a privacy umbrella, to secure our digital activities completely; we fed up using different apps to protect different things in a single phone. A VPN is a tool that satisfies all the privacy-concerned issues right from anonymizing digital presence to enjoy blocked sites without harming your online privacy and to hack the hackers away from digital identity. The whole world is using a VPN to browse unrestricted internet with encrypted connections.

NordVPN offers absolute anonymity; shop online, check account balance, and use social media even on public hotspot with a secure VPN, NordVPN. As you connect to the internet, NordVPN encrypts your online presence from snoopers, cyber hackers, or teenage hackers. With this VPN, you will not face censored and throttled internet ever, enjoy global connectivity with no geo-restrictions and access anything you like with absolute freedom.  NordVPN is a user-friendly VPN feature 30 days money back guarantee with double-hop VPN configurations follows no-log policy strictly. It is without a doubt, one of the best VPN apps for iPhone currently.

5- Wire – Secure your Texting

Ever wondered that your last night chat with your spouse to be has accidentally opens while you are showing your new iPhone with your colleague?  Such acts happen normally, to avoid such misfortunes we always employ apps to secure our existing messaging apps. How about an encrypted messaging app that does not need any added security and has all the features that are there in mainstream messaging apps like Whatsapp, Skype, facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.

Wire is a free app that has successfully tossed in the ring of messaging apps game, comes from some of the creators of Skype. You can simply create your account on the web using any name and email, Wire doesn’t ask for your phone number like other mainstream chat apps. Messaging layout is spare, clean and dark with goofy visuals, swiping right from the main attractive interface would give you three options; Phone call, Photo and Ping. You can enjoy encrypted live audio and visual group calling with Wire, using different keys for different devices; to obtain highest security.

Final Verdict – Is your iPhone Fortified with These Apps?

While the notion of cyber security and privacy can only be possible with a high-level of technical understanding, these apps have the ability to offer an extra layer of security, maintaining the usability of alternative services. Right from internet surfing to messaging, these apps ensure maximum privacy with encryption in whatever being sent. Hackers, Govts, spammers, spyware, and other cyber criminals are dying to exploit your digital identities; simply download these apps to anonymize your digital footprints and heck their intelligence.