Two Must Avoid Web Design Mistakes In 2018

Web Design Mistakes

TechsPlace | The e-commerce industry is getting more and more competitive each year. Today, it takes a whole lot of background checks, research and diligence to crack the nut of running a successful e-commerce business.

Now, the road to successful e-commerce business starts with a great web design. Websites act as the virtual gateways to customers for online businesses, and you surely wouldn’t want to design it in an ugly manner, right?

Unfortunately, most of the startups and small businesses fail to realize the importance of having an efficient and effective web design in the success of their online business. Often out of their ignorance or budget deficiencies, they tend to neglect this one important aspect, which seals their doomed faith in a cut-throat and hostile online industry.

Below we will be looking at must avoided web design mistakes that cost online businesses

reputation and money.

–           Poor Designing

What’s an effective web designing?

Well, this certainly is a tricky question with no definite answer. There are various elements and components that contribute to the overall aesthetics of a web design. To put it simply, there is no shortcut in designing an effective web design and you need to be diligent with each and every element that makes up the web design.

Here, one of the more important aspects to be considerate about, while designing the aesthetics of your website is the cluttering of elements. Most business owners who aren’t much familiar with the working principals of web design like to go all out in designing of their websites with a cluttered approach. This is the single biggest mistake that acts as the repealing agent for visitors. An effective web design would rather come with a neat, tidy and decluttered appearance, where each element will have its breathing space and value, rather than a cluttered design where every element seems to scream for breathing space.

–           Budget Allocation

Yet another important consideration for web design is the budget allocation for the project. You need to realize that web design is an important investment and just like all other important investments, you need to single out each and every aspect of the investment.

The key here is to chalk-out the purpose and outcome of the website.

Here’s an advice from one of my friend who works at a top web design firm in New Zealand, “The first thing businesses need to understand is that websites come in all price values. The cost of web design is primarily influenced by its purpose and functionalities. For small businesses, a basic web design with an interactive interface and bare minimum functionalities is the best approach, given their small budget Head. It is, however when they decide to stuff functionalities with a limited budget that they force designers to compromise on the quality”.

Thereby, it is important to determine and finalize the budget beforehand and know precisely what you want to achieve with the website.

About the Author:

John is a SEO specialist and digital marketer at Starlinks; A New Zealand based business offering web design services in Wellington and Auckland. He has Masters degree in Marketing from Iqra University and has a career that spans over a decade in digital marketing.