Must-have Features in On-Demand Food Ordering Apps

Food Ordering Apps

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TechsPlace | With the advent of technologies, now human beings have changed their lifestyles and choices. Undoubtedly, they look for hassle-free experiences and doorstep services. Now, the modern era schedules have turned into busy daily routines, in which people don’t have the proper time to have their food even.

In this situation, they prefer to opt for the instant and easy to use solutions. There is a high demand for On-Demand booking apps, as people want to streamline the process secure and faster check out process.

However, Among the several On-Demand solutions, online food delivery mobile apps are playing an active role. According to Statista, “the market’s largest segment is Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery with a market volume of US $4,934m in 2020.”

If you are also planning to launch your iOS-based On-Demand food ordering mobile app, then it is essential to integrate all the essential and advanced features into the app to attract users. In order to meet modern development requirements and leverage all the benefits of an iOS platform partner with an iOS app development company.

Essential features to integrate with an iOS food ordering apps

GPS Tracking

In the food ordering apps, GPS tracking is an essential feature to integrate. It helps drivers to track the location, along with this user, can also track their food orders. GPS tracking helps to bring transparency and streamline the food ordering system, making it a very important feature in the iOS food ordering apps, as this turns the delivery process easier, faster, and hassle-free.

Push Notification

Push Notification helps you to be connected with your customers. It helps you to send alerts to your users and inform them about their order status, offers, and discounts. However, the alert can be sent in several modes such as SMS, Pop up, and email notifications.

It helps to engage and attract users to your services. On the other hand, it is essential to manage this feature smartly, as sending so many notifications in a day can annoy your customers. They might lead to uninstalling your application. However, it is important to have proper planning and send them when they have time to explore, like on weekdays or after official hours.

It is the best way to update your users and boost your services.

Multiple Payment Options

People prefer to pay their bills via online payment, now they have opted for the cashless transactions. In the food ordering apps, it is important to offer online secure payment transactions to your customers to pay their bills. To build trust among your customers and turn your service transparent, it is important to provide multiple payment options to the users with the third party trusted payment platforms. Developers can integrate those payment platforms via API integration service.

Secure and hassle-free transactions are the demand of the users in ordering apps.

Food Customization

The food Customization option helps to share the preferable taste of the customers. It will help them to share how much spicy or cheese they require in a particular item. Even this feature can also add to some particular food items. This feature helps you to deliver the exact taste as customers look for it, and it also increases customer satisfaction. With this feature, your app can become popular among foodies.

User Friendly

It is important for iOS-based mobile applications that users can leverage the features easily. They should not require any technical skills to use the app. The user interface should be intuitive and friendly for the users as no one has time to explore the functionalities in depth.

Foodie Based Design

Try to integrate the food-based design to crave your users more. However, to connect with users, it is essential to place some mouthwatering pictures in the app. Designing can be considered as a powerful marketing tool, and it can act as a magic trick for businesses.

Social Media Integration

Social media is known as a powerful marketing platform. It helps you to reach thousands of customers on an international level. This feature helps you to build your brand across the globe. With your online presence, by updating different cuisines, you can attract users and invite them to your platform.

It also helps to improve your customer decision, and they can get feedback and reviews from other users.

Loyalty Rewards

To attract customers in the long run, and engage them, offer several loyalty rewards to them. On their orders, provide some discount or loyalty bonus which helps you to stay long run in your business.


If you have decided to hire an app developer for your project, then make sure that a developer should be proficient at integrating these features into the app. Along with this, a developer should also be well versed in modern development trends.