How to Add Diagonal Watermark to PDF in 4 Simple Steps

Add diagonal watermark to PDF

TechsPlace | Add diagonal watermark to PDF is a typical advance in PDF creation. It is the way toward adding text or a picture to a PDF so that it turns into a fixed component of the page, rather than a comment, which can undoubtedly be altered by the client.

A watermark is a text or a picture that shows up either before or behind existing report content, similar to a stamp. For instance, you could apply a “Private” watermark to pages with delicate data. You can add various watermarks to one PDF, yet you should include every watermark independently. You can determine the page or scope of pages on which every watermark shows up.

In this blog, we will talk about the significant methods to add watermark in pdf documents. One of the strategies for adding watermark in PDF files is using the SysTools PDF watermark adder tool. However, before continuing further, let us know the advantages of adding a watermark in PDF files.

Why Add Watermark to PDF File?

A few advantages of adding watermark to PDF files are referenced below.

  • A watermark in a PDF file express the kind of data the document contains
  • Protects the File data from getting theft by others
  • Helps an individual to claim the copyright of the PDF file
  • Leads to deal with the privacy of information in a PDF report

These focal points make a client add watermark to PDF files. The watermark’s essential preferred position is that it shows the PDF file isn’t the last archive, and further changes should be possible in this report. As we have seen the focal points, we should proceed onward to the process of adding a watermark to a PDF file.

Smart Solution: How to Add Watermark to PDF Without Acrobat?

A proficient technique to add diagonal watermark to PDF file is to use SysTools PDF Watermark Adder Tool. A significant fascination with this tool is that it effectively adds text/picture watermark in various PDF documents in a solitary process. Moreover, there are different customizations accessible to watermark alteration.

Steps to Insert Watermark in PDF File

  1. Run PDF Watermark Adder Tool
  2. Choose for Text watermark and select position from bottom left to upper right
  3. Enter Desired Text in the text field and browse the location to save PDF
  4. Click on Generate to add diagonal watermark to PDF files

Finally, we are done by adding a diagonal watermark to the PDF file in very simple and easy steps. Now, let us look at another manual method to insert a watermark in PDF files.

How to Place a Draft Watermark on a PDF File Manually?

The manual methodology followed to set text or picture based watermark in PDF files is by using Adobe Acrobat DC. Follow the steps referenced beneath and effectively add watermark in your PDF reports.

  1. Download and Install the official version of Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. Open the PDF document to be watermarked
  3. Go to the Edit PDF option on the right side of the PDF file
  4. Go to the Watermark option and click on the Add Watermark
  5. Choose the radio button alongside Text alternative and enter the desired text in the text region
  6. Set the Opacity and Rotation as needed to add diagonal watermark to PDF
  7. Provide Vertical and Horizontal positions for the watermark (discretionary)
  8. Click OK to add watermark in PDF document

After the process is finished, you can open the PDF document and view the PDF pages’ watermark.

Limitation of Manual Method to Add Diagonal Watermark to PDF File

This application needs to be authorized after a specific timeframe. In different terms, the permit license isn’t for a lifetime. Likewise, for encrypted PDF files, the password is to be entered to open PDF documents for adding a watermark to PDF file. Moreover, this process is very lengthy and time-consuming. Also, many users reported that they faced placement issues in adding watermark to PDF files.


In this article, we have discussed adding watermark to PDF files. We have seen the benefits of adding a watermark to a PDF report. The manual method to add watermark in PDF file is being depicted as lengthy and time-consuming. Whereas, an automated solution for adding text/picture watermarks in numerous PDF reports is very easy and efficient.

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