How to Build Tech Boundaries in a Technology World


TechsPlace | Technology is everywhere. You can’t go to the grocery store, take a walk, or even read a book without the interruptions of these advancements. Everyone is grappling with “how do I get more followers” instead of connecting with their peers. This new way of life is affecting tech users everywhere.

In the best case, the ease and efficiency of day-to-day interactions have increased ten-fold. In the worst case, however, too much tech use has lead to self-esteem issues, overweight citizens, degraded relationships, and lower abilities to focus.

We’re addicted to our phones. So much so, that within 30 seconds of receiving a text, half of the population will open it. That’s a shocking number, considering that we receive 63 notifications per day, on average.

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Although we cannot avoid tech use, we can manage our relationship with it. We can inspire healthy boundaries within the workplace, at home, and with our children. The aim of these boundaries is not to feel bad about setting up that gaming desk but to do it with the intention of healthy use.

Tech Boundaries for Adults

Today’s adults are in the unique position of understanding a world without constant connectivity, and also the latter of a fully connected world. Set simple boundaries for yourself, like deciding not to make your phone part of your morning routine.

Go one step further and choose something other than your phone as an alarm clock. Take a look at your screentime usage with built-in apps on your phone and computer, and make strides to lower that number each month.

Tech Boundaries for Parents

As a parent, it can be hard to navigate the online world for young children. As new applications come to fruition every day, navigating them is almost as challenging as trying to learn where your children are spending their time online. Especially since they’re getting more clever with the way, they hide their online activity.

Cyberbullying and explicit content are out there, and you may feel obligated to monitor your children online. Beyond those parental controls, consider setting an example for your child. Set no-phones at dinner rules (sorry dad, that work call can wait.) Encourage your son or daughter to block negativity by doing it yourself.

Tech Afternoon Best Practices

Technology Boundaries for Employers

As an employer, you have the responsibility to ensure your employees are healthy and happy. Although communication is key in the workplace, the need to be online constantly can drain any happy employee.

Talk to your workforce about being available, but with the added intention of understanding the need for time off. Encourage employees to use this time to detox entirely from technology. Consider giving them an hour once a month to do something non-work related and non-tech involved during the normal workday. That time could be used to do anything from going for a run, painting, or taking a hike. Lead by example and encourage a healthy work environment.

Whatever steps you take for technology boundaries, even simple actions are huge strides in a world of constant connectivity. Start small, and work towards larger goals whether that be unplugging once a day each month, or deleting social media altogether.

Check out the below infographic.

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