Social Media Marketing Myths to Abandon in 2020

Social Media Marketing Myths

TechsPlace | Similar to implementing any huge strategy for a long period, social media has gathered sufficient evidence of a couple of very major and unreliable Social Media Marketing Myths.

We will be looking through a variety of Social Media Marketing Myths that have been debunked, although some are still strongly believed and held onto. The following myths will be classified under Social Media Related Myths, Customer Related Myths, and Marketers Related Myths.

Social Media Related Myths

Social media is not the place to be engaging

Although conversations are important, it is not necessary to initiate conversations and topics of discussion with your audience to market your products successfully. Besides letting you have the chance to connect with people through virtual means, social media is a good platform to share your most valuable content. Even if there is no conversation starter in them, they can potentially lead people to your products and your main website as well.

Social media marketing tactics do not provide the expected result

The truth that always seems to be forgotten is that social media will be a driving force for more leads and potential customers. Hence, all the more you should believe in implementing social media tactics as an alternative to boost your business. More so, pairing that with good website design will further propel your business to success. If you are not sure of where to begin, there are tons of nice web design agencies out there for you to explore.

Social media monitoring takes forever

Although many people believe that social media marketing has to be done manually, using social media monitoring methods and tactics is time-saving. Since there are various software that can alert you when important and relevant keywords are being mentioned, you only need to check a few times a day to see if there are any urgent actions to follow up on.

Social media gives people a platform to publicly bash your company

Customers who are against your product and are always leaving angry comments have no lack of platforms to vent on. Therefore, it’s important to note that just because you are not creating a Twitter page to avoid being bad-mouthed does not mean that it will benefit you in any way. Sometimes, you simply have to be confident enough to endure such obstacles. Once you are aware of what is being badmouthed about, you can improve your product from there. Always be the bigger person.

Newer platforms aren’t worth taking seriously

Although these platforms do indeed tend to attract more offhanded content users, it does not always mean that your brand cannot gain awareness and reputation with these apps. However, you should always find out which is the best and most efficient platform that will bring your brand and product to greater heights.

Social media is completely free marketing

Ultimately, social media is still considered an investment, and you are most likely still paying for someone to manage your accounts and create useful strategies. However, social media is indeed an affordable method to boost your target audience and to increase exposure regarding your brand. The leads provided will be worth the investment you have put in.

Customer Related Myths

My customers aren’t on social media

This is completely untrue as statistics have proven that in 2019, about 2.39 billion people were found to be active on various social media platforms. It is not far-fetched to say that currently, there is a social platform each individual is on, and the fact is, at least one of the many social media platforms out there will be in tune with the brand you are promoting.

Only young people use social media

According to statistics, over 80% of people using social media are between 30 to 49 years old, and almost 70% of the population is between 50 to 64 years old. This should sufficiently prove that it is not only the younger generation using social media.

Marketers Related Myths

You should join every social media network immediately

Contrary to popular belief, creating accounts for every social media platform is not beneficial, nor is it efficient. You should dedicate time and effort to the platforms that work best with your product and audience engagement. The best thing to do if you realize a certain social media is not being as productive as the others are to delete the account and focus on the ones that prove more effective.

You should only try to get followers that will become customers

Although quality is the key factor in social media marketing, you should never look down on the power of having an extensive reach. Some points to take note regarding receiving followers that you deem outside your business metrics and demographics are that sometimes more followers mean that you are gaining popularity as well, as you will be indirectly affiliated to their followings. Next, if you have an influencer following you, they can help you by publishing and sharing your posts with their huge following. It is a win-win situation for both.

Hashtags are essential for every post

Too much of a good thing does not mean that it will necessarily profit nor be beneficial. The key is moderation and quality. Your hashtags serve as a lookout point for common topics to be joined within threads. Whether it becomes a trending topic or not, a hashtag will not bring down your leads or goals. A healthy way to think of hashtags is to make it more friendly for your potential customers to use and see, rather than just using it to fulfill all your business’ goals.

You don’t have enough content

In social media, things are forgotten very quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up if you do not have sufficient new content to post. Instead, repurposing content or publishing them in different perspectives can be a great way to navigate social media marketing. Be sure to share something new every few posts; you would not want your followers to get bored with reading the same thing!

It looks tacky to seem relatable as a brand on social media

The content you post on social media should keep your target demographics in mind, but it should also shine a light on the character of your brand. Since there are employees behind the strategies, you should inject your posts with your brand’s sense of humor, and even pictures of people working with you. Pictures always bring people in, after all!


Now that we have gone through sufficient Social Media Marketing Myths to avoid falling for, you are ready to take on social media marketing more reliably and effectively. Try your hand at it today!