How to Download Videos from YouTube?

Download Videos from YouTube

TechsPlace | YouTube is among the social tool which binds the online user together. It is one of the significant inline sites, which shares the videos. It also allows you to download or upload a video. YouTube was launched in 2005. With the time YouTube has gained tremendous popularity. YouTube is introducing 83 million visitors every month. There are billions of videos present on YouTube. YouTube a platform where you can get every related video, what you dream for, and looking for. Also, the power of YouTube is to create stars out of unknown things and you can download videos from YouTube.

YouTube video is excellent not only for knowledge but also for sales, marketing, advertising, news, etc. Sometimes you feel the need to have the video on your computer or phone. However, before downloading the video, one should always confirm the video is not illegal. It should not violate Google’s terms and conditions. Here are the mentioned steps to download videos from YouTube.

Here are 5 significant Steps to explain in brief the process of downloading videos on YouTube.

The first step is to get the video that you need to download from YouTube.  For this, you can use a downloader to download videos from YouTube into your desktop or laptop. Before opening the downloader application, you need to open the video to be downloaded.

You can choose the video from the home page of YouTube. For searching for some specific video, you can use the search engine of YouTube. The search option is present on the top bar of the YouTube page. Once you select the video you have chosen, it will play immediately.

Once you have decided on the video which you need to download, the other step is to click on the share icon present at the bottom of the video. After share option appears, you can click on the share option, you will see the link of the video on the top bar of the screen

The next step is to copy the link, which was generated while clicking on the search option. You need to save the link on the clipboard, as it will be used in the coming step of downloading the video from YouTube.

The next step is to open a new tab, or you can use the same tab to open the platform. You can open BitDownloader, application to download the video from YouTube. You need to paste the link of the video which you want to download.

As you paste the link on the page of the downloader, you can see the options present on the screen as download video. By clicking on the video, you can download the video to your desktop or on the phone.

You can select the format in which you want to download the video. You can download the same according to the picture quality you want to. There are also low categories as well as good quality video available. You can choose the category as per your requirement.

After you have chosen the format of the video, then the last step is to save the video. By clicking ok on the option, the video will start downloading and will be saved on the desktop or phone. You can also watch the video while downloading and you need to double-click on the video to play.

With the above steps, you can easily download the video from YouTube. But there are various things legally you need to keep in mind before downloading the video.

If you download the video from YouTube, you just need to sign up for YouTube. Initially, you can get a free subscription for 30days. , you need to get the monthly red subscription. A red subscription gives you other benefits such as additional free, originals shows, etc. With this subscription you can save video for offline view also

While downloading or watching the videos on YouTube, you agree with the terms and conditions, by accepting their agreement. One should not try to violet there terms and conditions by accessing other than the pages and video with the help of technologies. Even you should not try to explicit the authorization authority of YouTube. In such a case, YouTube has the power to sue you for breaking the agreement.

Apart from the steps to download YouTube videos, now the downloader comes with various more features, which help the user to know about the software more.

  • It can download on your device, in both desktop and phone.
  • You can also search for videos with the help of software.
  • It supports all quality and with all the formats of the videos.
  • It also comes with multi-threading accessible and also minimizes the speed of the throttling of YouTube.

With the modernization in time, video downloader has become very popular. It allows the user to download the video as well as audio clips from YouTube, directly to their system. To know more you can also consult the experts.