How to Make Your Work in Photoshop More Effective

TechsPlace | Sometimes, immersed in routine work, we miss some moments and stop learning. And in vain, because some interesting and useful features of Photoshop can really help and speed up the process of creating a design. And after the release of the sixth version of our favorite graphic editor, there are new and very useful features that will help make your work more efficient. Today we talk about the new features of Photoshop CC (2020.21.0), as well as remember the old ones.

Customize your Workspace

You probably know that in Photoshop CC (2020.21.0) you can easily customize the interface (go to Edit > Preferences > Interface for that), but we want to introduce you to another feature.

You have the possibility to customize the workspace as you see fit: for this go to Window > Workspace > New Workspace.

Name the new workspace somehow and configure it as you wish. Now you can select it from among other lists.

New Features for working with Layers

In Photoshop CC (2020.21.0) it is much easier to work with layers. Now you can filter them as a pixel, vector, and text layers, and search for the layer by name, applied effect and overlay mode.

You can select multiple layers and create copies of them using CTRL+J or change their blend mode.

If your PSD file contains many layers, you constantly have to look for a new layer. Many people know that you can do this by holding down the Alt key and right-clicking on the desired element, but there is an easier way.  Check the Auto-Select box in the Options panel and select Layer. Now, by simply clicking on a layer, you will quickly find the desired layer. You can try this function while using a box mockup. This feature was also available in earlier versions.

Hidden Features of the Pen Tool

The pen is probably the most complicated tool in Photoshop, we have already written about it in this article, we offer you a simple lesson on how to create vector forms using the pen tool and hotkeys.

  • Shift – hold to create straight horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Ctrl/Cmd – helps you drag and drop points on the contour.
  • Alt/Option – helps to change the contour points

Ability to Record Instrument Actions

The actions are not only used to process photos, but they can also greatly facilitate and accelerate the work of the web designer.

Photoshop CC (2020.21.0) allows you to record the actions of an element, such as drawing with a brush, and then play them again, but with other parameters.

Quick Unit Switching on Rulers

To quickly change the units of measurement on the rulers, press CTRL+R to activate the rulers and then right-click on the rulers while holding CTRL.

Quickly Close and Open a Document

You can quickly close the document by pressing Ctrl+F4(Cmd+W). Use the Ctrl+Shift+F4(Cmd+Alt+W) key combination to close many documents.