Face-to-Face Marketing vs. Digital Marketing – Advertising Evolution

Face-to-Face Marketing

TechsPlace | Marketing. It has been present in our society for most of it, even before the internet and the industrialization era. The idea of showcasing the good points of your products and services might have been a thing even before we became a structured society, even in simple ways, such as drawing a mere sign with the name of a store and its products.

Different forms of advertising services and products have been added to the world of marketing ever since them. Still, the rise of the internet and online stores definitely brought a big change to how marketing works. Right now, with the pandemic and quarantine happening as it is, it is even more present in our current society.

A good example of this is how sales on famous and trustable websites such as Amazon increased due to people being locked inside their houses and how delivery apps started to gain more presence in the current market.

Now, with all that in mind, does face-to-face marketing still has some value in today’s technological world, considering how important digital advertising has become? Let’s find out.

What is Face-to-Face Marketing, Actually?

Face to face advertisement can be described as any form of marketing established between an individual and another individual or group of people in person. It can also be performed by a group towards an individual or group of people, as long as it is a direct interaction where the team can actually observe the reactions of their potential customers.

This is mostly performed in stores but can be done in other situations. The reason why it is mostly performed in stores is that it is way less invasive and aggressive if someone tries to help you find a product you are interested in inside their stores then right outside of it.

If you go inside a store, it means that you are interested in buying something. In comparison to someone approaching someone in the streets to sell them something, this is much more viable and reasonable.

The way this specific form of marketing works is by showcasing the good points and features of a product that someone inside the store might be interested in.

By reading the reactions of the people the advertiser is dealing with, he or she will be able to deal with the situation accordingly and know when to push a little bit to close a deal or leave the customer alone (since there are people who don’t like being sold something if they didn’t ask for help).

On some occasions, though, the people receiving help might consider purchasing a product just because they feel grateful towards the person helping them. Others might feel a sense of responsibility towards them, which ends up in a sale.

Face to face marketing might also work in the form of people visiting houses to sell different types of products and services, but this form of advertising has been non-present for the last couple of years. You can check more information about it over here.

And What About Digital Marketing?

Now, digital marketing is any form of advertising that is done through any digital device and regularly uses online websites. Normally, you can be exposed to this form of advertising while browsing on your phone, laptop, iPad, tablet, and desktop computer.

A good example of these forms of advertising are the videos showcasing products and services ads we see between videos on YouTube. The pictures, videos, and posts we see on Facebook now and then, and the ads we see on some websites, regularly owned by Google Ads.

In the world of the internet and considering how many websites there are, knowing how to properly expose your website or online store to the world is an important action. Thus, it will increase your online presence, thus greatly increasing the amount of traffic your business receives, which directly translates into more potential customers.

There are many different forms of digital advertisement, some relying on the use of more trafficked websites to share yours, others using websites and blogs similar or kind of related to your company’s niche to share your products, and other forms of marketing rely on content to access more people through informative articles. In case you are interested in reading more, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_marketing.

Which One is Better, Then?

To be honest, I wouldn’t say it is a matter of which one is better, since each form of advertisement has its own presence and uses depending on the situation. I believe it is a matter of which one is more suitable for the current world and your products and services based on your very own circumstances.

If you are planning to open an online store, of course, digital marketing will be much better, but if you are trying to open up a physical store, having someone who understands how face-to-face marketing works will make a big difference. If you are aiming to open both forms of stores, having the two forms of advertisement Face-to-Face Marketing and Digital Marketing will definitely be a big plus.