AI-Powered Facial Recognition: Enhanced Technology to Prevent Fraud

AI-powered Facial recognition

TechsPlace | In the era of this digital revolution, organizations have also automated their business operations. Additionally, Covid-19 has made the world go remote, consequently giving these organizations a final push to move their processes online. Businesses are constantly focused on digitizing their work processes, but they may be overlooking the fraudsters and scammers already utilizing these platforms to carry out their fraudulent activities.

To fight online scams, identity verification protocols are followed by global industries, but that has become difficult to detect as fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ways of doing things.  This is why face recognition technology is deployed. Face recognition technology is an artificially intelligent technology that verifies a person’s identity through their face.

A framework that came to be known as Eigenface indicated that examining an assortment of facial pictures could shape a bunch of essential highlights. Likewise, they were ready to show that short of what 100 qualities were needed to code a standardized facial picture precisely.

What is Face Verification?

Face verification is a mandatory process that is performed by businesses for identity verification purposes. In this process, the candidate’s facial features are matched against another person through one-to-one mapping to check if the person is who he says he is. Facial recognition systems can have near-perfect accuracy with high-efficiency rates depending upon the product companies are integrating themselves with.

The online face verification process can be carried out within a few seconds. The process is adopted to reduce fraud and retain customers by ensuring genuine users get through swiftly.

Face verification solutions

AI-Powered Facial Recognition technology provides identity verification with a high rate of accuracy and efficiency. Products that support online AI-Powered Facial Recognition capture and analyze facial data using:

  • 3D Depth Detection: 3D depth perception captures live biometric data for accurate matching.
  • Liveness detection: Liveness detection functionalities for remote online authentication.
  • Identify deep fakes: Verification of saved photographic data using deep learning algorithms.
  • Face authentication: High authentication speed and mapping techniques powered by AI
  • Identity Proofing: Faceprint stored in the secured server for evidentiary proof without error

Face Verification for National ID Service

Authentication, yet facial recognition is compulsory for any individual utilizing the national digital identity scheme in Singapore. For example, Singaporeans will gain access to private and government services through facial verification. The public authority’s innovation office expresses that it will be advantageous to Singapore’s digital economy.

The banks utilize face verification for trials, and now, it is being implemented across the country to ensure the remote physical presence of an individual undergoing verification.

Numerous states have added AI-Powered Facial Recognition to their money related establishments, air terminals, and train stations. Yet, a couple of others are thinking about it for public ID administrations as well. For instance, the US utilizes face verification for issuing driving licenses, though China authorized it a year ago for any individual who purchases another mobile.

3D depth perception

This component leaves no escape clause for misrepresentation, as the image or video transferred by the end-client is screened for remarkable facial features. In the event that a criminal has built up a manufactured character by utilizing the ID card number of an individual with the same facial highlights, 3D depth perception will identify the minor contrast in the facial highlights so that fraudsters will be distinguished at the absolute initial stage.

3D depth perception screens the depth of contour points of facial features to detect the picture is taken from a paper-backed photo or photoshopped.

It all comes down to…

To wrap up, facial recognition is the ultimate solution for several business needs. AI-Powered Facial Recognition technology delivers highly accurate results within a few seconds.  No matter how many facial characteristics a criminal takes on to get into a business system, AI-Powered Facial Recognition eliminates all such attempts at the very first stage.

Facial authentication utilizes in-depth screening to ensure fool-proof safety and smoothness, fast-track client onboarding. Financial technology and blockchain businesses are utilizing the answers of the IDV to onboard their remote clients without any hassle or ambiguity.