10 Pro Tips for Valorant You Need to Know

Tips for Valorant

TechsPlace | Valorant is finally out in the world and this is the best time for some pro tips. Despite being arguably the newest RG’s tactical shooter game, winning in Valorant can be frustrating especially when you’re matched with pro players. I don’t mean to boast but it’s safe to say that I rank highly, thanks to a friend who introduced me to Valorant hacks earlier in my profession. To get access to the best Valorant hacks today, head to Battlelog.co, thank me later.

In Valorant, accuracy is key, every bullet is potentially lethal and teamwork is critical. Mastering the basics and necessary Valorant cheats has always been an issue. Luckily, whether you’re a beginner or here for some refreshers, relax, I got your back. Here are 10 pro tips that will give you an understanding of all intricacies and ensure you get better at the game. Without further ado, let’s dive in:


10 Pro Tips for Valorant You Need to Know


  • Always Communicate with Your Teammates

In Valorant, communication is everything. It should also be very specific since any miscommunication can expose you and hand your enemy victory. Before the match, talk with your teammates to discuss planning and strategy. During the match, communication will help in calling your opponents’ location and movements thus enabling you to attack better. After the match, discuss and find out if your tactics worked as intended.

  • Practice Shooting as Much as Possible

As they say, practice makes perfect. No matter how repetitive it might seem, it should never be skipped. Just like in many shooter games, in Valorant, the aim is acquired through muscle memory. Muscle memory gets better through regular practice. After every practice session, keep a track of your score, set a self-benchmark, and track your improvement. I recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes of shoot practice in the Range before a competition.

  • Buy Valorant Coaching

If you have some extra cash sitting around and you want to improve in Valorant, buy a coach. It’s always good to have a professional Valorant coach give you pointers. A coach will walk you through, give honest remarks and help you improve faster.

  • Stop Panicking

Panicking is very easy especially during pistol rounds. While engaging in the gunfights, some players start spamming it like crazy instead of taking time to aim accurately, which would garner more kills despite the dire situation. Well, constant practice erodes such panic and helps build confidence. Read more guides, stream more Valorant games and internalize that in place of spray and spam fires, calmness and slower shoots are at times better if the situation requires it.

  •  For Beginners, Avoid Movement While Shooting

If you’re an absolute starter to FPS games, stand still and shoot. In a nutshell, first, learn the basics of shooting by hitting targets. Get used to your gun’s recoil and other controls before incorporating movement with your character.

  • Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity

Your mouse sensitivity must always be able to turn 1800 in a single swipe. This is an important tip not only for Valorant but for all FPS games. Simply place your mouse on the left-most side of your mouse pad and slide it along a straight line to the right side of the pad. If your mouse sensitivity needs any adjustment, go to your PC’s Control Panel, then on Mouse pointer options, do the necessary adjustments.

  • Familiarize Yourself with Gun Re-coil

Regardless of which gun you choose at the beginning, stick with it until you understand its rate of fire and its recoil patterns. This helps you improve on your shooting and ensure you get definite kills.

  • Always Crouch, Never Jump When Shooting

Crouching is a good thing, sometimes… especially when you know your opponent’s pre-aim game. It helps you be more precise and control recoil. If you can crouch and strafe simultaneously, your chances of winning a one-on-one battle are very high. However, don’t jump and shoot lest you miss your target. You should only jump when taking a cover and be less concerned with a precise shot. If so, jump in an irregular pattern.

  • Get familiar With Different Maps

In Valorant, Haven, Split, and Bind are the only three maps and they all have varied attributes. Familiarizing yourself with them will improve your performance. Try to understand them one at a time for better competence and development into a complete player.

  • Switch Between Knife and Gun for Better Mobility

This trick affects the games incredibly. Running with the knife increases your speed and helps in making quick rotations. It also enhances regrouping where necessary. Switching between knife and gun should be done only when necessary lest it will lead to death.


Final Thoughts…

Valorant is here for good. The above 10 pro tips are all that I thought you need to know for now. They’re a great place to start. Hope they’ll help you in your bid to climb the ranks.