Troubleshoot “Backup.pst is Not an Outlook Data File (.PST)” Error

Backup.pst is not an Outlook data file (.pst)

When you try to open Outlook PST file and your PST file is opening with an error message “backup.pst is not an Outlook data file (.pst)”. This is the time to fix this error encountered by Microsoft Outlook. Hence, in this post, we will cover all the possible solutions to resolve this error message. Well, MS Outlook is widely used email-client that helps users to send or receiving emails. But, mostly Outlook users come across the error message due to corrupted PST files. This corruption can be occurred due to…

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How to Start a Business in India

Start a Business

TechsPlace | Entering into the business world is a fantasy for many. But it’s not quite as fascinating as it might sound. The first period of getting the necessary licenses and finishing the proper habits is just one massive chore. But, things are changing today, and people with powerful business ideals are stepping forward to create the best of the booming world. Planning and starting a business are overlapping constructs since the prior relates to each of the ideas and arrangements designed for your enterprise whilst beginning a business entails…

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How to Improve Local SEO and Rank on First Page of Google

Improve Local SEO

TechsPlace | In this post, you will learn how to boost your local SEO and rank on the first page of Google. Gone are the days when people used to peruse through countless pages of the Yellow Pages to find a business they are interested in.Currently, people are searching for information about products or services they want to buy on search engines. Today, it’s easier to locate a nearby restaurant or a tattoo parlor. Search engines have also implemented tactics to list businesses based on geographic location. However, there are…

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Boost Your Business with Popular E-commerce Marketing Strategies

E-commerce Marketing Strategies

TechsPlace | Whether you have just started your business or you have a fully-furnished business, it’s necessary to stay on top with the latest technologies and innovations required for E-commerce business. Structuring and maintaining an e-commerce website is not an easy task, one has to utilize e-commerce marketing strategies and tips to explode your sales. This blog helps to understand all those significant marketing strategies that are needed in business in simple ways. Content Quality The foremost step taken by an e-commerce website is to create content. Creating top-quality content…

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Do’s and Don’ts While Flying Drone

Flying Drone

TechsPlace | A recent study conducted by aerial system groups such as NASA shows that it is a matter of time before drones become more common. At the start, the drones were expensive and common folks cannot afford them. Nowadays, there are many cheap drones available on the market that a normal can buy easily. As more people are buying and flying drones, the chances of crash and accident also increased. Do you want drones for less than $200 list? You can search on the internet for the best drones…

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Top Features of Telemarketing Companies in Australia

Telemarketing Companies

TechsPlace | Marketing is important that helps to boost up your business. Telemarketing is the most effective way to approach customers. There are several ways to introduce your products and services. You need to inform your customers about your products and services even after Building your blog and website. It is very important because it increases the ranking of your website on Google when your customers visit your site after your conversation on call. Telemarketing VS Online Marketing Building a successful blog is hard to master. For boosting the traffic,…

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Common Content Related Issues on a Website Revealed! All Thanks to Content Auditing in 2019

Content Auditing

TechsPlace | The most lucrative thing about working with a full-time digital marketer is that you get the chance to audit different websites. Clients can come up to you with several different website problems and in order to resolve them, you need to perform a strict audit of their website and identify the potential problems. Now, as a digital marketing agency, you perform website audit in two basic ways; you perform SEO audits and Content Audits. Both of these audits help you choose the right content to rank on Google.…

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Latest Advancements in POS Systems and Its Impact on Businesses

Best POS Systems

TechsPlace | It can be clearly seen that technological advancements are taking place at a volatile pace.  Due to these increasing advancements, a large number of startups and businesses are entering in the market. In order to survive and expand in this competitive era, each of the business organizations is trying to opt as advanced technological types of equipment as it can. POS system by wise is one of the most modern systems that most restaurant organizations are presently using for maintaining their regular records. It spares a lot of…

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