Make Your Logo Appealing with Vibrant Colors

Logo Color

TechsPlace | Selecting the right logo color will deliver a strong message about the brand. The design of the logo is considered to be the heart of a brand. According to various facts, the right color can improve the perception of the brand. If you want to become a successful brand owner then selecting the right color for the logo will highlight your strengths of the business.

Psychology facts about fusion:

As the saying goes “Color is a strong power that influences the soul”, you have to choose the right logo design to influence the minds of customers. Try to keep your logo memorable and simple with not more than three colors. Let’s dive into a detailed discussion of the selected logo design color.

Which one to select single or multiple colors?

Multiple color combinations are difficult to pull off but they will give you a successful business. The implication of multiple color choice of logo carries and delivers a valuable message just like the Olympic rings.

While designing a logo for a global corporate client, then you should cover the cultural connotations as well. Color has a powerful effect on human brains. Just focus on the most common logo design colors such as yellow, red, green and blue.

The fusion of colors:

The elegance of vibrant colors posted together will attract the eyes of customers. In design, as the color is everything picking the right color combination will give you a perfect logo. A logo design color also can be a combination of colors.

  • Combination of yellow and red

This color combination will give clarity, warmth and bold look to your logo. Business people who use this vibrant combination will make people feel comfortable while seeing it. And one thing that you should remember red color is visually stimulating with a sense of excitement and urgency.

  • The fusion of black and yellow

The bright yellow color is used for energy and vibrant delight. With the matter of entertainment, mystery and intrigue black and the yellow combination will make you stand out on busy streets and billboards. It also contributes to better branding.

  • Combo of blue and green

Blue and green are often a combination of tranquility with youthfulness and exude energy. This particular combination is well suited for entertainment, fashion, and media.

  • The amalgamation of orange and purple

Though this uncommon color combination is risky, it actually works! This pairing of orange and purple will give an elegant and unique color to the brands of fashion, beauty, and home furnishing brands.

  • Blue and white

The crowd-pleaser color combination that is blue and white ensures the flexibility across the non-profit organizations. Blue represents strength and calmness with allure power and dependability.

  • Combination of yellow and green

This color combination will bring life and energy in industries such as environmental services, agriculture, and cleaning. You will find many money-related brands in this combination. However, if you want to push your clients to strong associations, this combination will be the best choice.

  • The mixture of blue and pink

The vibrant combination of blue and pink holds good for the blogging and beauty industries. Remember, the color combination that you choose tells the brand with positive and negative emotions.

  • Black and red

The fierce logo color combination instills the power of the company name with a grounding background color. The choice made on the logo will be in clear and simple forms. This combination is mixed with eternity, positivity and it’s the universal combination.

The electric trio of colors

If you are feeling bored with the same color combinations then you can also try the combination of regal navy, yellow and bright red. This is mostly used in brands that are related to entertainment and restaurant.


People respond to different colors in different ways. While the above-mentioned colors are some of the combinations of ready-to-use color schemes, but you can also try a unique combination for your logo.