8 Things to Know About Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attacks

TechsPlace | Gone are the days when hacking was considered the mother of all online evils. In today’s time, with much evolution of technology, ransomware attacks are on the rise. If you don’t know, a ransomware attack is directed at an organization or an individual’s personal computer to block it.

The ransomware attack is carried through malicious software that can easily encrypt an individual’s computer system. After that, the criminals demand a ransom from the people who are in charge of the system. Here, in this feature, we will tell you about a few interesting things about ransomware attacks:

  1. No one is Safe

Even if you have the best technology and top-notch software in your hand, you are still vulnerable to a ransomware attack. Because these attacks are carried out by top-notch IT experts, everyone’s computer system is at stake. You will be shocked to know, ransomware attacks have jumped from 1000 to 4000 in a day. This means, if you have valuable information stored on your computer system, you might be the next target on someone’s list. The problem with a ransomware attack is, there is no guarantee that the attacker will send you the encryption key, even after the ransom has been paid.

  1. Payment Options are Always Tough

With much improvement in technology, you can easily track somebody who has hacked into your system. However, when ransomware attackers contact their prey, they will always order them to pay the ransom amount through a bizarre mode of payment. Sometimes, companies have to work through payments apps that they have probably never heard of ever. Secondly, as discussed, there is never a confirmation of the encryption key being given by the hackers after the final payment is made. Sometimes, when companies pay too quickly, they only enable hackers to ask for more.

  1. Precautions Can Always be Taken

The most notorious thing about a ransomware attack is, it can easily be carried out without the fear of getting caught. However, companies can still take precautions to protect any such attack from taking place. Now, with the intrusion of top-notch anti-virus software, it has become easier for every firm to magnify the security and safety of their information. Furthermore, if you don’t have hands-on experience working with a top-notch security system, you can always consider professional help. Ransomware removal requires the intrusion of an expert, so you must get in touch with the right people.

  1. Young People are Behind Such Attacks

If you think professionals and older people are the only ones after these attacks, you’re wrong! A recent survey revealed, more than 20% of ransomware attacks were carried by young people. Because technology is omnipresent, young people are taking an interest in earning money in negative ways. If you sift through any Youtube tutorial, you will be guided through easy tips and techniques to carry out a ransomware attack. This means the young people of today’s generation are at a high risk of falling prey to such negative activities easily.

  1. Ransomware Attack is a multi-Billion Dollar Industry

You will be shocked to know, ransomware costs around $8 billion every year. Many experts believe this is an underrated figure because some companies don’t give out information to the public. Once a ransomware attack has been carried out, the company is forced to pay a heavy sum of money to the attacker, otherwise, there is a high chance of losing important data. Currently, many young aspirants have decided to join the bandwagon because they look at it as a stable career option. However, once caught, you could end up serving in prison for the rest of your life.

  1. Ransom Isn’t Always Paid With Cash

If your system gets attacked by a hacker, your first instinct will be to pay in cash as early as possible. However, it is not always the same case. Most victims reach out to their credit cards and try to make a transaction as soon as they can. Keep in mind, if the hacker accepts your money, they will potentially be putting themselves at risk by opening up a means to their identity. This is the main reason why some ransomware attacks are targeted at top-notch organizations to steal valuable data from them. Not to forget, criminals always want to make sure they are never traced online. This is the reason why paying in cash might not be the solution. Many times, the ransomware attacker will ask you to pay in bitcoin or other options.

  1. Your Files Might Not be Returned to You

For many hackers, the basic ethos behind carrying out a ransomware attack is to continue the channeling of money. This means, even if you have paid the ransom in cash, there is no guarantee of your files coming back to you again. This way, a hacker will try to make sure he/she causes as much damage as they like. In such cases, companies have to beware of the attackers and make sure; they get their files back from the predators as early as possible. Ransomware is not a prank for business because information worth billions of dollars is at stake. Secondly, if the public comes to know of a ransomware attack, the reputation of your company might get damaged in the long run.

  1. Ransomware is Often Caused by Your Own Mistakes

In simple words, a ransomware attack is caused by your own mistake. For example, if you open a phishing email or download content from an unsafe link, you could easily allow the hacker to gain control of your computer system. Ransomware criminals are hands-on at carrying out criminal activities online. This is why it is crucial for companies to take care of the security of their computer systems. The best way is to avoid any form of torrent downloads and rely on genuine content. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your employees do not have access to sensitive files of the company. Even if they have, it is your duty to ensure that not all of them have copies of concrete data.