5 Things Most SEO Consultants Hate

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TechsPlace | When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are a fair number of dos and don’ts. Although most people can follow best practices, these are the things that most SEO consultants for example SEO Toronto, hate. To get great results, avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Following the Competition’s Example

Although SEO consultants may notice that competitors ignore guidelines, this isn’t going to result in long-term success. They may engage in practices like exact match domains, shady link-building, and similar loopholes. In the short-term, these techniques may help with rankings.

However, these practices are not going to result in long-term success. Many search engines have penalties when they find websites using these loopholes. It’s best to follow ethical SEO practices and respect the guidelines.

  1. Expecting that SEO will compensate for a Poor Product

An SEO consultant can do wonders in their field. However, this professional can’t make up for a product or service that isn’t good quality. This is why a company should always focus on making sure that what they’re selling is the best quality before calling in an SEO expert. What SEO does is to amplify business results. If you’ve got a great offer which adds value, SEO will expand your reach. However, with a poor product, don’t expect good results.

  1. Obsessing over Hit Counting

Many clients emphasize numbers such as page views and search rankings. These key performance indicators are easy numbers to track, but they don’t mean all that much. None of these numbers reflect business performance. Instead of focusing on all of the KPIs, SEO consultants want you to focus on the right ones that will contribute directly to your profitability. The KPIs that SEO consults prefer to focus on is conversion rates and overall sales.

  1. Thinking Content is Easy

Many SEO consultants will hear clients say that they can manage content without any help. This area is not usually true, and many clients don’t have good copywriters available. Also, it’s even rarer for the writer to have a good understanding of SEO. Instead of trying to save money by having a staff member write content, it’s best left to the expert.

  1. Getting Paid per Link

SEO discussions often turn to link building, and the question of buying links may occur. After Google’s Penguin update happened, it’s unusual when businesses try to obtain links from people who offer “pay per link” deals. This is a risky maneuver that an SEO consultant will discourage. However, some clients will still go ahead with shady link building techniques and then blame SEO consultants. Bear in mind that when you choose to use unapproved practices, you’re going to harm your business.

These are the top things that SEO consultants hate although this list is certainly not exclusive. The bottom line is that SEO consultants face many challenges, but they can provide expert advice for companies who want to succeed. Use these professionals wisely and follow their recommendations to get the best results possible.