Link Building ROI: How to Understand the Real Value of Links?

Link Building ROI

What comes to your mind anytime that link building is mentioned? Is it a lot of links, or it does not ring a bell on your mind? Link Building has been ranked among SEO best practices to rank websites on search engines.

All links are not the same, and that is why Link Building ROI is such an important topic of discussion. Link building is an expensive process, and you thus want assurance that the links you are building are bringing returns.

Our expert, Alex Lysak, will discuss for you more about link building, how to know the value of links and other essential things you may need to know. Stay glued to this article for more.

What is link building?

From the word building, you may think it’s something structural and complicated. However, that’s not the case.

  • Link building refers to the efforts to get links in other websites to your site. It’s precisely a marketing strategy that uses hyperlinks to link various websites. It’s a proven way of making pages lively and meeting the SEO requirements.
  • Link building makes the user’s journey on search engines reliable because it enables them to navigate through various pages online.
  • Link building cannot be effective without functioning links in place. Links are essential because they are what you can use to refer people to pages, videos, websites, and other essential places online you want them to visit. You can do that by hyperlinking them to the pages you want or sharing them directly with those who need them.

Where can you get links?

It’s quite simple. You need to create a website that will fit your audience. The next step that follows is creating content that you believe will interest the site visitors. After that, you can share your content with your audience.

In the process of sharing, your website will suggest to you the option of “share with links” which’s simple. Before you know it, you will have active links that will make everything possible for you.

Another way of getting links is by visiting other websites and getting links to content that fascinate you from them. You can then hyperlink them in your content to enable your readers to find the pages. You can also consider seeking advice from ScanTeam who are always available to help you.

Here is how link building can help your business

Before diverting all your resources to link building, you may want to know what it will mean for your business apart from the SEO ROI. That’s why it’s important to highlight to you the benefits your business will accrue from link building. Below are some of them;

Brand awareness

If your business is new, you can consider opting for guest posts. In the guest posts, you can always hyperlink your site. The readers will get to your site through the links, thus giving your site a better chance for awareness.

Visibility is the most important thing in business. If customers can find your business online, you will have a better chance to make high revenue through it. The links will act as your backlinks. The advantage is that you can always access the performance of backlinks in google analytics.

Builds relationships

When you use your links to reach out to other businesses and inform them about your new services or the upcoming offers, in the process, your links will become stronger too. Also, it will make your business have better relationships with those you are linked to.

Referral traffic

Through guest posting and other proven strategies, you can easily have huge traffic on your site. That’s majorly possible especially if you are guest posting for recognized websites.

In the process, you will get huge traffic back to your site, which will also lead to a high conversion rate. That’s the aim of every business.

Above are just some of the ways through which your business will benefit from link building. Additionally, you will also meet building links SEO requirements when you begin to utilize the link-building knowledge effectively. Continue reading to find out how you can understand the real value of links from the discussion in our subsequent section.

How can you understand the real value of links?

From the above information, you can assume that the value of links is obvious. However, you need to understand how to know their real value through some of the ways discussed below.

Through Rankings

Links are valuable to many businesses because they initiate high rankings on Google and other search engines. From the rankings, a business can tell if its links are valuable. Linking to a website that is ranked high on search engines guarantees you that you will receive quality links.

Through Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to know how your links are performing is one of the best approaches as Google is the most popular search engine. Google Analytics allows you to determine the links that attract the highest traffic and weak ones.

Through social media

Social media has become one of the best approaches in digital marketing. Website owners thus share links and content on various social media platforms. Some of the content becomes viral.

When you share your links via social media, you will get traffic back to your site. The amount of traffic you get will determine for you how valuable your links are to your business. The number of reshares on social media platforms is another indicator of the value of links you have created.

Link Building is key in content creation. You need to understand it better so that you know how to utilize it.