How Important is Link Building for SEO?

Link Building for SEO

TechsPlace | When you operate an online business, link building turns out to be a vital aspect of SEO marketing. Whether you are a beginner to the link building strategies or a seasoned player in the given field, it is important to analyze the right methods to effective link building for optimizing the SEO of your site. The landscape of SEO, as well as link building, always keeps changing from time to time. We need to check out the importance of link building for SEO.

In the modern era, the importance of high-quality link building cannot be undermined when it comes to ensuring the overall success of your online business. If you wish to compete as well as thrive in the online business environment, the need to understand as well as implement high-quality link building campaigns is of utmost importance.

In this post, we aim at helping you understand the importance of link building for SEO for your website.

What is Link Building?

A link building company called ClickSlice states that link building is defined as the procedure of obtaining hyperlinks from other sites to your site. A hyperlink –also referred to as “link”, is a manner that enables the end-users to navigate between multiple pages or sites on the Internet. The search engines out there are known to make use of links for crawling across the web.

The search engines might crawl the links between respective pages on the site, and they might crawl the links between multiple sites at the same time. There are several techniques for ensuring effective link building. While some of the techniques might vary in the difficulty levels, SEO trends agree to the fact that link building is one of the toughest aspects of analyzing the site’s performance.

How do Links Get Created?

As the links remain at the core of any link building strategy, you must know about the important steps of creating the links in the first place. A typical link tag is known to consist of four parts –all of which aim at working together for creating the entire unit. Each part of the link tag is known to have a specific function within the given link. The parts are:

  • The Beginning: The initial part of the link is referred to as the “anchor.” It helps in opening the link tag and indicating to the search engine that there is the presence of a link leading to something other that follows it.
  • Link Referral Location: The referral location of the link is known to reveal the location to which the URL is pointing. It can be some image, another web page, or some downloadable file. The given part of the link is given a reference by “href.”
  • Link’s Visible Text: The given section is known to consist of a smaller portion of the entire text that the visitors get to see on the specific page as they would click on the given link. It is known to stand out from the text that is surrounding in some way or the other. It is known to appear blue and comes underlined towards indicating that it is a link to be clicked on.
  • Closure of the Link: The closure section of the link is known to indicate that the link is complete to the search engines.

Why is Link Building Vital to SEO?

The search engines are known to make use of a link for two fundamental reasons:

  • For discovering new web pages
  • For determining how well a given page or site should rank in the search engine results

Once the search engines have completed the task of crawling the respective pages of your site, they can easily extract the content available on the pages and then go ahead with adding the same to the respective indexes. As such, the search engines can decide whether or not a page portrays ample quality for ranking well for the given set of keywords.

While deciding the same, the search engines not only analyze the available content on the page, but they also observe the total number of links that are pointing to the given page from external portals along with the overall quality of the links from the external portals. In general terms, the more high-quality links pointing to your site, the more chances that your site would rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Recently, Google has started actively penalizing the site’s rankings for those that have tried overusing the link building strategies to their advantage. The regular Penguin Update by Google is one such way of achieving the same. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of the specific link building strategies that you need to avoid while following Google’s guidelines at the same time.

Some of how link building serves a useful trick to the businesses around are:

  • Building Relationships: When you build the links for your site, it required you to communicate with other businesses. You are required to reach out to other portals for relaying information concerning certain promotions as well as other activities related to your business. While the primary focus for reaching out remains an effective link building, you can avail of the additional benefits of this trick as well. You can foster long-term relationships that turn out mutually beneficial for both the businesses involved. Guest posting strategies, as well as services, have gained huge impetus in modern times.
  • Brand Building: When you achieve effective link building, it also helps you in promoting the brand successfully. It can help you in showcasing that you have attained some form of authority in the given field of business as you link to relevant content on the web. It can also help in promoting the respective expertise of your business, along with the strengths of the products & services that your business promotes.

Make the most of the relevant link building strategies to ensure the best results for your online business.