SEO Tips For B2B Companies

SEO Tips

TechsPlace | In many B2B companies, SEO is rarely among their top priorities. And there are many reasons: probably you have limited resources or your services or products are highly specialized or you rely heavily on the usual marketing strategies to draw in customers.

You might think that sticking with your traditional business model is working just fine even without implementing B2B SEO strategies. But the truth is you’re probably missing out on a lot of opportunities and potential new leads.

The shift to the digital world is inevitable. Whether you want it or not, your business will have to employ digital marketing techniques if you want to survive in the highly competitive global economy.

More than half (61%) of B2B decision-makers said they start with a general web search and the information they get has a major impact on their decision. This makes it crucial for B2B companies to increase online presence and improve search engine ranking through B2B SEO strategies. SEO strategy brings your business closer to decision-makers thereby opening potential new leads.

If it is your first time to hear about B2B SEO, you can easily get daunted by what’s ahead of you. But don’t worry as there are great resources available to you online. You can start by learning the basics of SEO and gradually discover the different strategies you can employ. Generally, B2B SEO doesn’t have to take up much of your resources but it requires consistency and constant learning. You may need to reach out to SEO experts and learn their techniques.

Start your B2B SEO on the right foot by following these tips below.

1. Launch a blog

Readers and decision-makers are looking for informative and valuable content. Blogs can help you publish lots of fresh content. And it is also vital in improving your website ranking. Create useful, keyword-rich content that your target audience needs. HubSpot noted that B2B companies that use blogs get 67% new leads per month.

2. Image optimization

Images do not only make your website and blogs look attractive and interesting, but can also help increase website traffic. This can be achieved by optimizing images. As a result, the images become visible to search engines and help them better understand your content. This makes it easier for search engines to identify if your content is relevant to searches.

3. Effective use of anchor text

When used properly, anchor texts can help you achieve your B2B SEO goals. Study and research the most relevant and most frequently searched keywords and use them to embed a hyperlink. The use of anchor text is pretty tricky as it needs to be relevant to the content and, at the same time, it should use targeted keywords for better ranking.

4. Appropriate links

Use of links is good only if you use relevant links to internal pages. However, stuffing your website with too many links can make it appear ‘spammy.’ The secret in using links is: always go for quality over quantity. External links that redirect readers to relevant and credible websites are also part of a good SEO strategy.

5. Set up a Google My Business listing

Boost your online visibility by signing up with Google My Business. Creating an account can make it easier for clients to search your company on Google. What’s great about this Google listing is that it is free. It also automatically puts your business on Google maps and Google+. You can add your company’s basic details, hours of operation, address and photos.


Taking these five basic tips and applying them in your digital marketing strategy is definitely worthwhile. You may not see the effects of your SEO strategies instantly, but just be patient and soon you’ll reap its benefits. B2B SEO will improve your website ranking, bring in new potential clients, and help boost your revenues. That being said, you should now begin learning and implementing B2B SEO strategies if you want to stay competitive.