Web Design Aspects That Influence Search Engine Optimization!

Web Design

TechsPlace | It isn’t surprising to see marketers over-relying on content marketing for SEO purposes. While, content marketing definitely fills in the foundation for any digital marketing strategy, but it isn’t the only avenue to press down upon. Web design is an equally important aspect of digital marketing strategy and focusing solely upon the content marketing without giving due diligence to web design is like tying the cart before the horse. Besides, how will you feel if the guests to your home call it an ugly decor?

Web design is a crucial aspect for search engine optimization, with the potential to impact all marketing and branding channels of an online business. Businesses have to understand that the online users are looking are increasingly getting cautious in trust companies. Apart from looking for their desired products or services, they are more interested in businesses that offer them seamless interface and interactive web design. And unfortunately for businesses, there aren’t a scarcity of businesses offering similar product/services. Thereby, it is important to make the first impact with bold and interactive web design.

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Below, we will be looking at the important website design aspects that influence search engine optimization campaigns:

– Responsive mobile web design

Today, the number of mobile searches have far surpassed desktop searches. This means that there are more mobile customers out there looking for your business than desktop users. Unfortunately, most of the businesses haven’t been able to jump on the mobile bandwagon. That’s one reason why we saw the release of “mobile-first indexing” on Google, this year.

Today, it is important to have a dynamic and responsive mobile website. The mobile versions of web design should be able to clearly communicate and interact with users, so as to entice them to take actions. Moreover, the mobile web design versions should display complete website content, so as to help them benefit from the search engine marketing campaign.

– SEO Fair Play

Ok, incorporating the search engine optimization guidelines in web design is important, but that’s within the fair play limit. Overdoing or playing in the grey area might actually backfire the efforts, which could lead to penalties from search engines. For instance, incorporating keywords strategically in web design is highly recommended for search engine optimization process, however, stuffing keywords either out of innocence or as an act of wittiness can lead to “spamming” from Google or other search engines.

– User Interface – The Human Interaction

Yes, it’s definitely beneficial to design a website in-line with search engine recommendations. However, you can’t miss the human interaction – after all, it’s the humans that are going to make the purchase, right? Users are increasingly getting choosy about the businesses they want to deal with. As said earlier, they are more interested in dealing with businesses that offer them smooth and interactive interface over the websites. Thereby, the web design should be highly navigable with an interactive interface in order to gain customers’ trust and persuade them to take the actions. You can add call-to-action buttons on your website for user interaction something like donation button present on Donation website.