Latest Social Media Trends to Look Out in 2020

Social Media Trends

TechsPlace | Despite all the digital variations in the marketing strategies over the past decade, social media has been one of the most discussed channels in today’s modern marketing. However, it is not that easy to be done. As there are a lot of aspects to be considered and managed, including the consistently changing trends, fierce competition, consumer interests, privacy policies, and the upcoming technology, which is quite hard to manage collectively. And most importantly, social media trends rarely remain the same with the passing time.

But before keeping an eye on the commendable growth and innovation in social media opportunities for brands, most of the marketers must know that what does Social Media mean and how the marketing strategies are practically implemented.

Well, social media is actually a platform that connects people from different corners of the world through electronic communication. People can actually share stories with each other and have discussions on marketing strategies and all the other stuff by sharing their ideas.

So, a marketer should always stay updated with the brand-new Social Media Trends that can actually fuel the marketing strategy and can raise the gains of your business. So, here we have compiled some of the social media trends that you should know for 2020 and the coming future:

  1. Video content will dominate social feeds:

Video content is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays among people creating amazing content with some short-term stories like all those tik-tok stories or Snapchat stories and with some long-form content on youtube. A recent study has concluded that 2022 will transform all the online content to be in the form of videos.

And when it comes to marketing or promoting some products using videos, then 72% of the users will learn about the product or services by watching a video rather than seeing a picture or reading the content or specifications mentioned. It actually helps the business holders to appear more authentic and reliable among the audience.

  1. Short term stories taking center stage:

Short term stories are actually a visual form of news feed rather than a heavy text which is being ignored by most of the audience. These video clips are visible for a short time period and die out soon and have been popularized by Snapchat, Facebook, and some other networks.

These kinds of stories are a good way of engaging the audience lying on the couch and watching brands’ stories for hours. The marketers can also add some questions in the videos to make it more exclusive and attention-grabbing.

  1. Hyper targeting and personalization:

People nowadays frequently find brand promotions and brand communication a little irrelevant and usually expect advertising to be tailored to them. However, being a marketer, it is your responsibility to fulfill all the consumer’s requirements regarding the discount offers.

Recently, Facebook has offered this amazing feature to brands with which they can advertise with dynamic ads and use transforming formats and calls-to-action ads for various individuals accordingly. And after getting the consumer’s little bit of interest, you can re-target the customer with some relevant content. That’s what is called hyper-targeting as all the users’ interest is not the same and they can’t be attracted to the same content or advertisement.

  1. Social commerce integration:

Social media networks are often been used for selling products and this merging of social media and e-commerce will take the brands on a different level. And Instagram shopping is the most popular and recent example of social shopping. Moreover, social media has been the biggest support system and greatly helpful in making any buying decision by providing honest reviews.

And it has now become the mainstream retailer for shopping just like the company’s online website or some offline store and is readily welcomed by the online shoppers. It will continue to grow in order to make buyer’s experience a memorable one.

  1. Customer service:

People have a lot more to do with social media than just interacting with their friends and having fun. It has now become a great way to interact with the companies about their products and get all the doubts cleared. It has actually become a significant customer service channel where the customers can post their questions and the company’s team has to handle the customer well in front of the rest of the users for keeping the brand in users’ good books.

  1. Augmented reality will go mainstream:

Talking about the futuristic technology regarding marketing, augmented reality AR is the most interesting trend these days. This is a technology that actually enhances the reality using digital images in a way never seen before and is gradually evolving with increased application of product discovery and plenty of special offers.

Likewise, the cosmetic brand Sephora uses AR that facilitates users to try out various make-up products without ever entering into the offline store of the brand.

Social media has now become the biggest media platform for various businesses to reach their desired goals and their target audience. But the most challenging thing is that the audience is using a lot of social media networks, and it becomes dynamically competitive in reaching people and get the advantage.

Like the popular platforms like Facebook has been seeing a downfall as the new generation audience is more leaned towards the new networks like tik-tok and Snapchat. So, it’s better to know the diverse type of people likely to be your customers and know their preferences in order to get a good response.