5 Mistakes Website Owners Do When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

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TechsPlace | Creating a substantial digital presence means you need to set up your website based on your business demands, size, budget, and factors that help leverage your company. Selecting the right web hosting solution is the first thing to consider, and not everyone succeeds in this part. With little knowledge of what their business requires, some end up making common pitfalls that affect business stability and potential growth.

So how do you avoid those common mistakes? Which type of hosting solutions is suitable for your business? How do you know if you made the right decisions? Whether you choose to go for a free hosting solution of a paid one, keep in mind the following mistakes and avoid them.

How To Decide The Perfect Web Hosting Provider

Choosing the perfect web hosting service for your business is a challenge and an easy task if you know what you’re looking for over what you need. You need to check four specific factors, such as speed, security, support, and scalability. At 28 Msec, the guys provide a detailed and practical guide to help newcomers and advanced digital entrepreneurs find the right hosting solutions suitable for your business growth and stability.

There are essential factors that you can check to ensure you are choosing the most reliable and trusted hosting solutions to enhance business growth based on your demands.

Some of the essential factors that you need to consider to land the right web host solutions are:

  • Check the reputation of a web host provider. A reliable web hosting provider stands out from the competition based on previous customer feedback, service quality, competitive pricing plan, and extra services that help a business grow.
  • Check and analyze your current needs. Choosing a good web host means providing the existing site preference but doesn’t limit your growth.
  • Start small with shared hosting. It’s an excellent option for startups, and scalability follows when you reach your target goal.
  • Uptime score guarantee. It measures the time your website is accessible and available online. Find a web host solution that offers a 99.9% score.
  • Pricing suitable for your current budget. Cheap hosting solutions must not compromise quality and essential features such as speed, security, and scalability.
  • Ease of use. Finding a solution with a user-friendly interface saves you from potential frustrations when navigating your site or visitors’ experience.
  • Additional helpful benefits. Some of these are free domain names, SSL certificates, page builder, and more.

5 Common Pitfalls When Choosing A Web Host And How To Avoid Them

1. Pricing Plan Over Quality

Most newcomers in the digital marketing industry fall with common pitfalls, such as choosing the wrong type of web hosting solution and rely mostly on the pricing plan. While some web host solutions are affordable, then can lack a few vital features to help your business grow.

Check affordability without compromising website performance, security, and scalability aspects. Identify what your current needs are and find the perfect fit to the equation.

2. Unlimited Web Hosting Features

Unlimited ‘all’ features are enticing not just to your site but your current budget. Several web hosting solutions offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, domains, etc., but can cost you more.

Again, identify what your current needs are and stick to that. Unlimited storage and bandwidth are great options, but you also need other essential features, and don’t forget your budget.

3. Top-rated Web Hosting Provider

Not all reviews that specify top-rated web host providers are coming from clients. Sometimes a decoy to lure you into signing up on these solutions. It’s best to identify honest, unbiased, and reliable recommendations from groups or someone who understands the benefits of choosing the right hosting solutions.

You can check previous and current customer feedback, and you might be surprised at which hosting providers are better. Ask on forums, groups, and communities about which one is better. Keep in mind that not all web hosting providers are equal. One may be a perfect fit for some, and the other is not, or vice versa.

4. Checking Refund Policy

One of the most common mistakes newcomers face is signing up for a yearly subscription instead of trying the service for free. While there are great deals, offers, and promotional packages, it’s best to check how the web hosting solution works before sticking yourself for a year of frustrations.

Though several reliable web host providers offer guaranteed refunds, some will give you a terrible experience getting your money back with low-quality service. To avoid this, stick with a monthly subscription plan and see how it goes. Then decide whether you’ll stick or find another provider.

5. Uptime/Downtime Score

Your web host provider’s uptime and downtime score affect your website performance, site visitor experience, website availability, or accessibility. This feature is vital to your business’s stability and the credibility of the product or service you offer. A low uptime score means you’ll be losing profit.


As the saying goes, you need to learn from others’ mistakes to be a wiser entrepreneur and secure your success. With a web hosting provider claiming efficiency and reliability, it can be challenging to choose a good one. However, with these common mistakes that most newcomers and digital entrepreneurs make, you can avoid that particular pitfall and find the perfect hosting solution to leverage your business.