The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective

impact of the internet

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Though the internet first developed in 1969, it was during the 90s that it opened up to people in general. During 1991 there were around 16 million users of wireless devices, but just after two decades, the number of users reached 7 Billion.

Nowadays, everyone, including toddlers to senior citizens, is using the internet for various purposes. It seems the internet has become the core part of the global society. You might be amazed to know that over 95 percent of the data available globally is present in digital format. Majorly the data is available on the internet.

How Has The Internet Changed Society?

The internet has brought a significant change in society both positively and negatively. It is undeniable that the billions of Users are utilizing the internet in their day to day life. The impact of the internet is heavily dependent on the type of content a user consumes that is available on the internet. The internet is heaven and vast land of knowledge for many individuals, while the case may not be the same for all individuals. So let us look at both sides of the coin.

The positive impact of the internet On Society:

  • The internet is helping to build social relations and improving social interaction among people. It is connecting people from every end of the world. Hence the internet is giving a significant contribution to the improvement of communication among people of different regions and cultures.
  • Social media is not just only used for personal chatting and friendship. Still, it is also used as a medium of marketing, promoting an online business, social inventiveness, showcasing talent, and, most importantly, a platform of learning.
  • The internet has added influencing factors in society, for example, dependability, guides, review web blogs, and profile portrayals. Moreover, the internet is drastically improving the lifestyle of the community as online shopping, online jobs, web-based banking, crypto wallets are helping society a lot. It’s expanding the everyday comforts of civilization.
  • Moreover, a user can access any news and information from any part of the world and can share it within his social network.
  • The internet has given access to motor work and lets human work from any part of the world likewise, and the internet has also given students the privilege to learn from any point of earth. Thus the internet has removed all the boundaries of impossible in education.

Not So Good Impacts of the impact of the internet:

  • Privacy and Internet security are the most significant threat for individuals using the internet. The users’ data is not safe and continually extracted in every possible way for various purposes. Every app we use asks for access to our photos and files present on our phone. Moreover, some of the apps also keep records of our audio.
  • It is easy to access any content on the internet, and Simple accessibility of illegal or improper materials online that should not be accessible to kids is readily available to them.
  • Many of us are heavily addicted to the use of the internet. Thus, it impacts our health in many undesirable manners; every modern electronic device emits radiation that can adversely affect our brain and health in the long term.
  • With an increase in internet accessibility, online frauds have also increased; thus, people performing online banking often become victims of such activity.
  • The internet is a platform of knowledge, but it also teaches things that should not be taught, such as how to hack person accounts, steal data and money.
  • The internet can also be misused to spread hate among people of society, and this can be a consequence of fake news spread over the internet.


Incomprehensibly, virtual life is more social than physical presence, presently individualized by the association of work and urban living. The internet has enormously impacted society hugely. Be that as it may, those practicing misuse of the internet are not many and far in the middle.

On a worldwide scale, the web has been the best thing to have happened to society as of late! The internet is bringing the community closer, making it all the more effectively and rapidly open; it is additionally supporting the ascent of new types of articulation and the spread of information. Some would state that the internet isn’t only an innovation, yet a cultural relic in its privilege.

The internet has brought more positive effects on society. Despite what might be expected, we should not ignore the harmful impact of the internet has on our life. It is the responsibility of an individual to use the internet wisely and more smartly.