Make Use of These Web Design Tricks to Game Strong your Business

Web Design Tricks

TechsPlace | Other than giving it that killer look, web design tricks may work wonders for your business. Although we don’t want to forget the integral role of a website: Building trust with your customerinformative, and convert leads.

If you plan to have a website, hiring a professional web designer is vital. But if you already have one and it is not functioning the way it should, then you need to camp here and get those web design tricks that will help your business.

Web design plays an essential role in boosting your business through various website optimization services. But it is also a service business which means you need to add value and attract customers through:


It works like a charm. When you win your customer’s trust, they can’t look elsewhere. It may take time to earn it. Once you acquire it from your user, watch how it will game strong your business. Unfortunately, there is a lot of websites developed today where people are getting ripped off. Built trust with your customers by doing the following:

  • Use an SSL certificate to protect your website and your users from malicious acts.
  • Only use safe, proven methods for processing payments for your clients such as PayPal, and use secure gateways.
  • Review your customer feedback consistently and be responsive. It shows your customers that you care and value them.
  • When you promote your good or service, include a money-back clause for like a month if they don’t find it satisfactory. It shows your clients that you are genuine, and their money will be safe.
  • Your website should have all your contacts displayed with telephone numbers that work and a quick responsive company’s email.


Be like a magnet. Once the user visits your site, they should not bounce. So, for this to happen, just like a host that welcomes his guest, and he doesn’t feel like living in his house, it is what your visitors should experience when they are on your website. Google can monitor this analytic, and it cannot be suitable for your site to have a high bounce rate. The trick here is to keep your users engaged with informative content.


By now, we are assuming you won your customers’ attention with trust and engagement. The user is here to buy your product, so you need to guide him. Have a properly structured guide from buying to checking out. When they land on the sales page, they should find a step by step process of buying your product or offering until check out.

9 Web Design Tricks that Will Game Strong your Business

Grow Business

There are so many web design tricks that we cannot cover them all, but we have chosen the nine best below:

  1. Have a Strong Visual Flow

Ask yourself, what would make people go like Wow! When they open your site, rather than frown as they quickly find the exit button. Your visitor should achieve the goal intended by you, from your web design. An excellent visual flow helps the user to make a quick decision and take action from the direct instructions on your page.

  1. What will draw people’s attention?

Web design with outstanding:

  • Headline, font, and style
  • Graphics
  • Proper flow of your article
  1. Contact Information

Your visitors should not try to figure out what is where. The visual should be secure with a smooth flow that is clear to follow or look at.

  1. What benefits will your customer get?

Remember, it is not just about you that you can talk about. Outline how your customer will benefit from your product or services, which is more compelling and should lead to call to action.

  1. Use Real Photos and Avoid Stock

Where possible, try to avoid stock photos because they are overused, and they don’t say much about your business. Although there are websites with good stock imagery, let your site show uniqueness. Be creative and stand out.

  1. Use Graphics, Color, and Circles

We are talking about visual cues. Use arrows to direct people when navigating on your website. Use color as a cue. Adding faces in your photography can also create an excellent visual clue leading your visitors where click next.

  1. Easy Navigation

This feature is the most important to your visitors. Make it a straight forward action that the user will enjoy. Don’t go surprising your guests with unnecessary pop-ups or funny sounds effects. Label everything accordingly, put your products in a precise manner. If you complicate navigation, trust me, users won’t last a second on your website.

  1. Use Internal Links

Linking is a ranking factor when it comes to SEO. It is good to know that using internal links is crucial and should lead to your website’s relevant pages. A good example is the blog link page that may lead to a service page. They help to draw traffic to your site.

  1. Keep It Short and Simple

People get bored when they find a lengthy article. Use two to three lines in your paragraphs, break the length of your tracks as much as possible, and last use few pointers. Summarize your message by keeping it short and sweet. It gets across faster when it is in this context.

  1. Loading Speed

I am sure by now, you have undergone slow loading sites, and you almost cursed or moved on to a faster one. Guess what, you are not alone. If your web behaves like this, no one will stay. People don’t have the persistence to wait for a page to load. Therefore, this should be your top priority when designing your website.

Search engines are ranking the speed of your loading page, and you don’t want your ranking to go down or lose potential customers. If your loading speed is weak, there are free tools you can find from WordPress, that can help you optimize your website speed. Plugins like WP and many more.

In conclusion, the full essence of web design is to give you good business. If it is not doing that, then you need to optimize your website by following the web tricks that we have mentioned here. That is, if you want to game strong, your sales and leads.