How to Protect your Personal Information Online

Protect Personal Information

TechsPlace | Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony regarding privacy policy of Facebook has sparked a fire among the users. And the most important question that has come up from the situation is ‘is our personal data safe’?  Well, even when the world could be blaming Facebook for misusing personal and confidential data, Facebook is not entirely to be blamed here. The devices we have are in our control, right? And even with the latest versions of iOS and Android, users can now control their data better with permissions, which are more…

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The Advantages And Disadvantages of Yii Framework

Yii Framework

TechsPlace | If a developer decides to build structured, efficient and compliant web apps – that too in minimal time, then the best option is to opt for a framework for web application development. There are a diverse set of such PHP frameworks available in the web development marketplace. So much so, it often becomes difficult for the developers to choose from such a wide array of frameworks. However, the developers must choose for a framework that make them highly productive and create the most efficient applications and web pages.…

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How To Track Someone’s Instagram DM Without Letting Them Know?

Track Instagram DM

TechsPlace | Instagram is an extremely popular application which is designed to keep one another connected. This social media application has created a trend of online socializing. People, especially youngsters are using this platform to share their life happenings with their friends, family, and significant other.  This free application works pretty well in both Android and iPhone mobile phones. Through this app, one can get entertained, make new friends and even interact with them. This attractive website has developed a new craze among people in such a way that they…

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Move Mailbox From Office 365 to On-Premise Exchange 2016/ 13/ 10/ 07

Office 365

TechsPlace | On a primary level, Office 365(or Exchange Online) is a subscription plan that comprises MS Office programs and other services. It has plans for the home users as well as business. Moreover, O365 for business includes Skype, Exchange Online and lots more. On the other hand, On-premise Exchange server exclusively runs on the Windows Server Operating system. The organization can manage their email services either in on-premise or Office 365. But, sometimes organization feels to move Office 365 mailbox from cloud to In-house Exchange servers. Because On-premise offers…

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5 Must-Read Inspiring Biographies of Business Leaders

Business Leaders

TechsPlace | If you want to read something inspiring over the coming weekend, either for personal edification or professional growth reasons, then consider reaching out for one of the captivating Business Leader biographies listed (and dealt with briefly) in this post. Attainable through a Charter Double Play subscription, these fascinating insight-accounts into the lives of both the historical & contemporary movers & shakers of the commercial world dispense with a number of experiential life lessons that can benefit just about anyone who chances to delve a little bit deeply inside…

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5 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads

Web Design Hacks

TechsPlace | “How to get more leads?” This is one of the raving questions among all the entrepreneurs who have ventured into the online world.  What can the organizers do to attract more traffic and entice them into a great brand experience so that they come back time and again! In the vast online world, where every individual and business is screaming for attention, lead generation has become most coveted and apparently the toughest thing to achieve. But it is not such a challenge when you know that a strategic…

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3 Latest Tips That Can Help Your Website Rank High In Google Search Engine!

Website Rank High

TechsPlace | Each year Google updates its search engine algorithms to rank websites. The best practice for any successful e-commerce business is to follow guidelines shared by Google, during its development, designing, as well as marketing stage. Here we will be sharing some important tips to follow if you wish to rank higher in Google search engine Mobile-First Indexing Last year when I was meeting up with my old friend, he informed me of the upcoming mobile-first indexing change by Google. Since he is working with some SEO Auckland agency,…

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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Developer

TechsPlace | Smartphones and tablets have drastically changed today’s consumers’ behaviors. Instead of using computers to access information, they prefer using their devices to find the information they need. These changing trends encouraged business owners to use this platform to capture a more extensive customer base. Possessing a responsive business website is has no longer remained sufficient to engage existing customers. This is the era of mobile apps. If your company doesn’t possess an app, you will be missing a significant number of potential customers. It’s time to focus on…

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How To Become An Efficient Blogger This 2018

Efficient Blogger

TechsPlace | The secret to becoming a secret blogger lies in scheduling your blog posts. Building a well-organized editorial calendar comes from planning which blog titles or topic will come out on a specific date. That way, you can maximize your time, skills, and resources. You produce more articles in less time to make your job of managing a blog a breeze. Becoming an expert at something doesn’t happen overnight. You must lay out your materials, ideas, and work process. Moreover, you must assess your habits and tinker what with…

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How to Convert EML files to MBOX file Format for Mac OS


TechsPlace | EML and MBOX are the two famous and widely used file formats. Both of them are compatible with a number of email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, SeaMonkey etc. As there is a number of email clients available and each of them offers different services. Therefore, users keep on switching from one email client to another. However, EML file is basically an email extension and MBOX is a MailBox extension. EML file is supported by the Windows-based email client and MBOX file is compatible with multiple OS…

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