2 Sales Funnel Builders That Can Help Revolutionize Your Business

Sales Funnel

TechsPlace | If you’ve ever tried to sell anything, then you already know how tricky that can be. You might make a couple of successful sales, but getting to the point where you can generate regular revenue is hard-hitting.

Contrary to what you might have heard, successful businesses don’t make sales here and there. They’re making sales consistently with high enough capacity that they can effortlessly hire full-time employees. Successful businesses know that despite dealing with regular expenses, they are going to be profitable.

But how do they do it? The gist of making consistent sales lays in sales funnels. A step-by-step process that allows them to bring prospects closer to the offer and buying decision through a series of marketing strategies like videos, automated emails, articles, and plenty of landing pages will do the selling part for them.

Why do they matter? Sales funnels give you a more accurate picture of where your customers are within the lifecycle framework – the root of marketing and financial management centers upon your ability to efficiently analyze your sales funnels.

What do you need? Two things should not miss from your toolbelt when it comes to efficient sales management:

  1. A well-structured strategy
  2. A funnel Builder

From now, one of your goals in terms of sales funnel management is to move prospects up your services lines or products consistently. After all, potential clients are not just sheep that your herd on the farm back behind a fence. Today’s consumers are considered way savvier when it comes to their shopping needs and preferences online. So, if you want to strive, you should cultivate those leads as you love them.

What is a sales funnel builder, and how does it work? 

Wondering if a sales builder is right for you? Great! It means you came to the right place. As we previously mentioned, sales funnels have their place in the market, but if they sound too complicated to manage, that’s understandable.

The concept of sales funnels has been around for some time. However, analyzing them required a ton of time and several seminars that may have been time-consuming.

Luckily, today’s technological advancements regarding AI and business automation are surging. And businesses all over the world already got the message. Just think about how to lead cultivation has affected your decision to buy products from a particular business. A funnel builder helps you take this approach by:

  • Maximizing referrals
  • Providing targeted upsells
  • Promoting single-event offers 

That’s where sales funnel builders intervene – assisting you in snapping your marketing strategies into place under the appearance and benefit of automation. And despite sounding like a catch-all company, anyone that desperately needs to sort out their sales funnels should rely on a sales funnel software.

1. ClickFunnels 

ClickFunnels may seem like a common marketing platform and a landing page, but this tool has way more to offer. ClickFunnels started as a guerrilla marketing tool and ended up becoming a standard in the marketing industry.

The gist of ClickFunnels is an all-in-one Software as a (SAAS) service, which offers a vast number of tools sales reps, marketers, managers, and consultants can use to develop landing pages that generate profit.

As with any new learning curve to master, things can be pretty difficult when you start. For many young entrepreneurs out there, one of the many challenges with ClickFunnels was learning how to edit a funnel. Fortunately, ClickFunnels came up with a Funnel Hacker Cookbook and 100 well-structured Funnel Templates to help fresh marketers build sales pages.

Its Drag and Drop Page features allow you to use suggested funnels that you can then get for free. It also adjusts your funnel to be viewed differently on desktop or mobile, so that your user experience is entirely mobile-optimized and view the landing page you’ve created by clicking on the preview’s page.

As we’ve previously mentioned, you’ll only need a basic plan when starting. The funnel builder integrates with diverse and popular software that allows you to run your business smoothly. In case you consider it a long-term solution for your selling needs, check the latest pricing for ClickFunnels plans, and see how you can convert your funnels from ineffective and unapproachable to profitable and more attractive funnels.

2. GetResponse

Need one sale funnel that doesn’t require you to integrate and pay for multiple tools to run your business? ClickFunnels isn’t the only complete solution on this list. After they’ve recently introduced their Conversion Funnel features in their marketing email software, GetResponse allows you to set up everything from landing pages to social media campaigns, email automation, and webinars.

What are conversion funnels, and how do they work? Think of them as automated ready-made step-by-step systems to build your landing pages, sell your service or products, automate email, earn more money, and recover abandoned orders. First, you have to generate some traffic via a traffic-generation tool inside your GetResponse account, convert your visitor to subscribers and leads, and finally nurture your contacts and convert them into your raving fans. We’ve already mentioned the importance of lead cultivation and its impact on your sales. Here’s the fastest way to cultivate your leads:

Autoresponders. Make sure you welcome all of your contacts immediately after they’ve signed up and keep sending them automated, engaging emails to get them ready to purchase.

Webinars. You can run paid or free webinars for your audience – they’re already immersed in your emails and social media platforms, so there is no need for browser plugins.

If you’re a small business just starting, you might now have an idea as to which sales funnel software is right for your business. Prospecting leads, writing emails, scheduling meetings, and entering data were activities that consumed the majority of your workday. Still, thanks to the right sales automation tools, sales managers, and entrepreneurs everywhere can spend less time shuttling documents and devote more time in shuttling leads.