SEMrush And The list of Features It Offers


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TechsPlace | Search Engine Optimisation also termed as SEO is a common term used in the online business world. SEO is a method that uses organic search engine results to increase the quality and quantity of the traffic on your website. It helps to get your page on the top of the results when a user in a distant part of the world searches for something related to your page. This means it not only helps you write efficient articles but also gets you more traffic and engagements. To further define the importance of SEO, we have to delve into the features and usage of SEO in today’s online business:-

  • It is observed that almost 60%+ users that search something on the internet tend to visit one of the top 5 links they see in their search results.
  • It not only helps in search optimization but also helps to increase the usability of the website.
  • Users trust search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., a lot. So, having your page in the top section in these pages increases your trust and credibility level.
  • SEO can help you get the better of your opponents who sell the same product by increasing the number of customers that visit your website.

Keeping in mind the above points, we can say that search engine optimization is an essential part of today’s online business. Now SEMrush is an online SEO tool that helps you write the best and most internet optimized articles possible. It has 32 different and unique tools to help you boost your online marketing so that you can go for a SEMrush free trial also. However, these tools are divided into three categories:-

  1. Analytics Reports
  2. Basic tools
  3. Projects

All the above categories have the best and the most unique and useful tools, which will not only help you write the best content but also optimize it to the most without any extra effort. Another helpful site is that lets you create striking graphic designs for your posts, social media, business, and more.

Now to understand more about SEMrush, let’s get to know some of the features of these tools closely

  1. Analytics Reports – It has eight sub-tools that help you get to know your competitor’s strategy of digital advertising and organic search.

Organic research

  • Shows competitors best-used keywords
  • Shows you the position change in the domains.
  • Discovers and lets you know more organic competitors

Advertising Research

  • Analyses your competitor’s ad budgets and keywords used.
  • Monitors their ad and landing pages
  • Helps you localize your ad campaigns

Display Advertising tool

  • Helps you target the right audience for your product
  • Helps you get new publishers
  • Analyses and displays your competitors display ads


  • Conducts a very deep link search and analysis
  • Spot the geolocation of the links
  • Helps you check backlinks types

Keyword Research

  • Finds you the right keyword(s) for SEO
  • Gets you helpful phrases and related keywords for SEO
  • Explore and analyze multilingual environments.

Product listing ads

  • Shows you your product ad competitors
  • Shows you your competitors best ads
  • Gets you an insight of your opponents PLA

Traffic analysis

Market explorer


  1. Basic Tools

Keyword difficulty

  • Finds your keywords with less competition in the market
  • Estimates the keyword difficulty

Domain vs. Domain

  • Gives you a side by side domain comparison
  • Gives you all the common and unique words from the result
  • Visualize the whole data for better and clear user experience


  • Compare domains
  • Shows your competitive analysis

My Reports

  • Gathers all the SEMrush data and shows it in one easy to understand PDF.
  • You can Design your report for branding and commenting features

Keyword magic tool

  • Has over 20 million unique and useful keywords
  • Pick and save keyword feature
  • Exporting your keywords to SEMrush
  • Create a list of keywords

Topic Research

  • Create your content plan
  • Discover the most popular topics on the internet
  • Do a GAP analysis
  • Find the most shared headlines

Get your SEO writing assistant


  1. Projects

Position tracking

  • Track the positions of your keywords
  • Group your keywords with relatable tags
  • Use multiple devices for this

Site Audit

  • Check your sites health and analysis tool
  • Track SEO optimization progress
  • Find and fix your mistakes

Social media tracker

  • Build your reports
  • Increase your social presence day by day

Social media poster

  • Post to all the social media accounts from a single place
  • Schedule and manage posts
  • Analyze the content’s performance

Brand monitoring

  • Monitor your brand rep in the market
  • Learn more and more about your competitors
  • Get to know more opportunities

On-page SEO checker

  • Analyze the Google ranking factor
  • Get an in-depth comparison

Organic traffic insights

  • Unlock the’ not provided’ keywords
  • Analyze the potential of each keyword
  • Merge the analytics and research

Content analyzer

  • Assess your websites content fast and easy
  • Rate your content and analyze it using the interactive and fast graphs and suggestions

Apart from these, the tool has so many other features to go through and use. To know more, visit, and make it your one-stop destination for all of your SEO and online marketing related issues.