What Are the Best SEO Courses to Buy in 2020?

Best SEO Courses

TechsPlace | If you are an affiliate marketer or website owner, you should know how vital it is to incorporate a competent and efficient SEO strategy into your business or marketing endeavors. You can find out the best SEO courses here.

SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity of your website traffic going through your site via organic results from different search engines. It aims to attract prospective clients to your website, not just random browsers, giving you more profit and ultimately achieving online success.

Whether you are a beginner to SEO, dabbling on it for a couple months or years, or even consider yourself as an SEO expert, there will always be something new to explore and learn. That is why numerous individuals are turning to online SEO courses to increase their rankings. Here we have provided you with some of the best SEO courses in 2020, including Authority Hacker, to help you narrow down your choices.

  1. Authority Hacker: Authority Site System

Authority hacker courses teach you white hat techniques that most websites use in gaining backlinks, growing their traffic organically. Authority hacker disproves the misconceptions about white-hat SEO techniques by giving eager learners real examples of making content that prospects will want to link.

Who it’s for: It is perfect for eager learners that want to delve into the world of SEO. The course offered by Authority Hacker will provide you with all the tools needed to achieve your online business goals by helping you build authority websites.


  • They often offer discounts on their courses.
  • They have an extensive knowledge base.
  • They will provide you with real and useful advice about white-hat SEO techniques.
  • The course creators are experts and will help you throughout the course.


  • The Authority Site System course they offer only guides you throughout making stage one affiliate websites.
  1. University of California: SEO Specialization

The courses they offer are all free and provide up to six sessions in total. These courses will help you understand various concepts about search engine optimization, including optimizing your website for a local or global audience, the theory behind popular search engines, and more. After completing the course, you will earn a certificate that you can add to your resume.

Who it’s for: It is ideal for people that are relatively new in practicing SEO or the ones with at least two years of experience in the industry.


  • All courses offered are free.
  • You will earn a certificate at the end of the course.


  • You will mostly only learn about the basic principles of SEO.
  • You will not have a guide to help you throughout the course.
  1. Udemy: SEO for WordPress

If you want an SEO course that is solely for WordPress, this course is ideal for you as it offers an intensive guide on getting to the top of the Google ranks, which is the most popular search engine to date. There will be an instructor that will guide you in everything in their 10-hour course, which includes choosing the best web hosting provider for your site and the best WordPress plugins.

Who it’s for: Individuals who want to engage traffic to their WordPress websites, even beginners without technical knowledge can benefit from this course.


  • A professional will guide you throughout the 10-hour course.


  • Their course is expensive.
  • It focuses on SEO strategies for WordPress.

Factors to be considered while choosing Best SEO Courses

  • A Knowledgeable Instructor

Ensure that the instructor that will teach you throughout the course has relevant experience in the niche and see if they have been doing SEO work and what their success rate is.

  • Up-to-date Materials

The internet is continuously improving, and that includes search engines. The course should provide you with new materials that describe the latest SEO practices, strategies, and techniques.

  • Whitehat SEO Techniques

There are SEO course providers that offer black-hat SEO techniques, which lets you purchase unnecessary links or clocking techniques. Look for an SEO course provider that emphasizes white-hat techniques on their courses, such as improving your website’s navigation, meta tags, and improving your site’s overall quality.

Learning new skills and keeping yourself abreast with the latest trends and developments on SEO can certainly help your websites perform and earn better. There are dozens of courses to try online. Apart from SEO courses, you can also learn about graphic design, video creation, and polish your content writing skills to be an all-in-one website expert!