Why a Multi-Faceted Approach to SEO is More Important Than Ever

Multi-Faceted Approach

TechsPlace | When it comes to getting your brand seen, online SEO is by far, one of the best methods to reach prospective users. Despite the many advantages of this approach, this article will explore how a multi-faceted approach will be key for SEO going forward as search engines continue to evolve, and users change their expectations over time.

This article will explore the advantages of a multi-pronged approach to SEO and how it will be important going forward to build your online brand.

The rise of authority hubs

Over the last ten years, there have been several platforms and websites that have gained prominence and have changed the way people look for information and means of discovery for businesses. Examples of authority hubs include Yelp and TripAdvisor for travel and local businesses, Expedia for hotels, YouTube and Vimeo for video, eBay and Amazon for shopping, and more.

As these websites and platforms have grown, consumer traffic has become more fragmented as users navigate to content from social networks, apps and regular websites making it more important than ever to be on multiple platforms to bring traffic back into your website and be visible for when customers are looking for your business products or services.

This change makes it important to optimize your website for not only good rankings but also the various extensions of your brand such as YouTube channel, Google My Business profile, among many others. A business based in Victoria, Australia that can assist with this type of optimization is AGR Technology, which can help structure your YouTube videos, Maps, and other profiles well alongside your website to help it rank higher.

Lastly, authority hubs are also important to attract the right type of clients or users to your business as different websites and platforms cater to certain industries. An example of an authority hub is G2 Crowd for companies operating in the SaaS market, which is where many users go to find reviews before buying.

Building a community

Perhaps one of the single biggest advantages of a multi-layered strategy is the opportunity to build up a strong community around your brand.

For eg. you could have a Facebook group, WhatsApp group, and then YouTube channel to broadcast your content and then build up your website alongside these platforms to get the benefits of extra distribution and the ability to attract different visitors that may not have found you otherwise.

This will help you to overtime generate recurring traffic to your business and help to form a loyal community that will help share your future content bringing in a steady stream of visitors.

Positioning yourself as an authority

By implementing a multi-layered or omnichannel approach, you can also position your business as an authority on a given topic or industry as your content gets shared with different types of websites and social media platforms where different types of users will be.

An example of this would be LinkedIn, where many business owners congregate to network and share content. Having a piece of content spread on LinkedIn would help attract other business owners while a post on Twitter may lead to consumers purchasing your product or sharing it with a friend.

Brand recognition

As your content travels across the internet, making its way to different platforms, your business will start to gain higher visibility and recognition from prospects as they overtime see you in different places. This is excellent for branding to help solidify your online presence across the web.

Work smarter not harder

When it comes to broadcasting your content, it doesn’t have to be complicated and can be simplified using software solutions. This can be achieved by taking your content and syndicating it to multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Consistency is key

When building up a multi-layered marketing strategy, consistency is important to help build up a strong brand. This includes using the same business name, tagline, logo, description, and links to other profiles and websites you own.

Other factors to consider may include the color scheme associated with your logo, custom banners, or other artwork you have on different business profiles.

Growing beyond search engines

Search engines are certainly one of the biggest sources of traffic however the advantage of a multi-layered multi-faceted approach is that you can build your streams of traffic and rely less on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing thus encouraging users to keep coming back to your website and


We hope this article provided some useful insight and provided some ideas on how to build a much stronger online brand for your business using a multi-faceted approach to ensure you can adapt as new platforms appear and the various challenges and opportunities arise as a result.