Four SEO Tools to Get You Better Rankings

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TechsPlace | If you’re wondering what answer you’ll get when you ask any business owner, manager, or SEO consultant working for a firm, you will most likely get a response saying that they want to rank higher in Google and its search results page. This is honestly quite the expected response from people who want to get more visibility and exposure for their websites.

With more than a billion websites already existing on the internet, it has become increasingly difficult to get better rankings. What with the throngs of people blogging away and adding more to the already existing clutter and noise, and you have a slim chance of making yourself cut through the crowd and emerge on top spots. However, this scenario is more likely to happen with newcomers and novices who don’t have much idea about SEO and are still grappling hard to come to terms with it.

But, fret not if you are one of them. In fact, this article will share some tools that we’ve been using as an SEO company, to drive traffic to our clients’ websites and improve their overall rankings as well. These tools will help you manage, improve and measure your site’s performance metrics so that you don’t have to worry about complicated search engine optimization techniques to implement – especially so if you are just starting out getting your feet wet with it.

Using these tools will get you ahead of the competition or at the very minimum, provide a good head-start to get your site noticed by Google. You can then keep optimizing it with various other tools on the market to get your desired output. Some of these tools are free but most of them fall in the category of ‘freemium’ – which is that they will allow you to use them freely to a certain extent but will make you unzip your wallet if you want to utilize some of the more advanced features.

So, without further delay, let’s get right into them.

1) Google Keyword Planner: Many website owners who have just launched their site and wondering what needs to be done next, should sit up and take notice of this amazing tool provided by your friendly neighborhood Google. It puzzles us that many site owners are completely oblivious to it and instead shell out large sums of money to purchase expensive tools that they don’t know how to use in the first place. Instead of expending money on those tools, novices and pros alike should take a good look and Google Keyword Planner and then move onto something else. As a web development company, we use it all too frequently.

This tool comes with a lot of features that will feel intimidating at first. You can either enter a competitor’s URL and it will analyze it to show you all the keywords that you can utilize to rank similarly. Or you can input a seed (primary) keyword and the keyword planner tool will fetch you similar and surrounding keywords that you can then list out to finalize for future use. A great feature of this tool is that it gives you the ability to see how many people are searching for a particular keyword and this will be extremely helpful in understanding if you want to use it at all. Did we mention that it is completely free?

2) UberSuggest: It is a freemium tool by Neil Patel – an award-winning SEO blogger and expert. In order to rank higher in Google, you should have a good understanding of how Google works and ranks various websites. Whether it is creating good quality content, sharing them on social media, creating and attracting high-value quality backlinks – all of these strategies form the fundamental of a good SEO strategy.

This is where UberSuggest comes in. It is designed to help you get the right keyword for your content marketing strategy. Using this tool will give you an insight as to what your competitors are doing and how you can improve your game to gain an edge over them. For example, just type in a keyword and this tool will show you the top websites on the search results page ranking for that keyword along with their difficulty scores and much more. You also have the ability to run site audits, competitive analysis, etc., which comes as part of the tool itself. If you need to manage a lot of websites for your clients, consider paying for the premium version of the tool as it packs a lot of other features.

3) Slerpee SEO Tools: While there are millions of websites on the internet and consumers are finding ways to search for yours, it becomes a bit cumbersome when looking for a way to know exactly how your site looks on the search results page when someone comes across it. The sheer number of websites that are added to the internet every day makes for a very stiff online competition and the Google SERP can only display so much. This makes it one of the most coveted online real estate that site owners want to frequently dominate with the most prized keywords.

Slerpee SEO tools allow you to see your site in real-time. This is important if you want to make edits to your site’s title and meta descriptions. It also allows you to save drafts and share them with other users. Another nifty feature of this tool is the ability it gives to do some serious on-page keyword research. This comes in very handy as it gives you a glimpse of how your website will be displayed to a potential lead if he sees it on the search results page. Is your title optimized and of the correct length? Is your meta description getting cut-off? It is important to take notice of these things as they impact a user’s experience.

Search engine optimization is certainly a vast topic and there are hundreds of tools available to get you the most out of your site. We hope this set of tools will give you a nudge in the right direction to encourage you to get your SEO journey started.