5 Prominent Social Media Trends of 2017

TechsPlace | As 2017 has conventionally commenced, I would like to assess the five distinguished trends that has taken the world by storm and has spread throughout the social media panorama.

  1. Social Messaging

When we say social media we generally focus on social networks rather than social networking, which is quite peculiar, because messaging apps have a big group of users than social networks. WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat have more users than big networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Many brands use messaging apps to communicate one to one with their clients. These apps give a speedy and no hassle free way to customers to get the help they need. Customers also need lucidity, alliance and personal touch which only one to one communication allows. Business also takes advantage of the immense onlookers that use social messaging. On Facebook if you click on an ad it will directly take you to the brand window. As more and more brands are beginning to understand the importance of social messaging over regular social networks. They are also taking the initiative to make their existence being felt.

  1. The fight Against Fake News

There are an increasing number of people, predominantly the younger generation of the 21st century who turn to the internet for news rather than TV or Radio .Hence there’s been an ascend in the faux news from sites who intentionally issue unreliable details about present day occurrence. Facebook has hitherto taken actions to limit the occurrence on these sites. These news release are not allowed to publicize or advertise on this rostrum. Germany has hitherto taken actions by imposing a fine on those social media sites who multiply this faux news. the young generation of today are technophobes, they get their news from social media and give worth to uprightness, hence they explore and corroborate the news they see and look for lucidity from media outlets and they recompense authenticate announcements by distributing such matter.

  1. Authenticate Content

The youth of the 21st century are the most spirited audiences of the video content. Social media is mesmerizing with factual and live contents. YouTube was sub structured on the basis of video that catapulted the real, not so modified moments. Social media is now moving a level higher and is contributing in the live running of the video content. Facebook has also initiated live videos. Social media is accountable for the magnification of Facebook. Even news channels are broadcasting live videos while veneering crucial occurrences. The whole sphere is being remolded and we are all grateful to the live videos.

  1. Augmented Reality

Despite the fact that there was a large amount of razzmatazz following virtual reality, many pundits or specialists believe that this technology has a long way to go. Augmented reality is in fact a very primitive technology that commenced to get contagious and with all gratefulness to the social media. Like live videos augmented reality initiated pristine occasion for brands to associate with their viewer and allocate their know-how instead of mere details. The young generation are very much captivated by this artificial intelligence or virtual reality as we call it. About 75% of the youth of today are engrossed in virtual reality.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are a type of faux brilliance that can have a tete-a- tete with anyone. Facebook has amalgamated these inside Facebook messenger and all professionals are taking advantage of it by having a liaise with their clientele.

Chatbots are hitherto assisting the professionals by ameliorating their client assistance and rapidly reacting to their statements and queries. Social media is trying tooth and nail to keep people hooked to this rather than maneuvering to other websites.

Chatbots are in their preliminary stage but still they have the intellect and capability to assist people to squander the matter, reply to queries and fulfill the undertakings. People hitherto like social media over other client aids. Today’s generation likes to rectify their client assistance issues through technology which is speedy, well organized and concise. Very soon brands will not be concerned about having a websites rather they will maintain their relation through social media.