4 Critical Web Design Aspects for Online Shopping Portals in 2018

Web Design Aspects

TechsPlace | 2017 is coming to an end and there are lots of issues that needs to be discussed regarding web design and its evolution in this year. While there were no breakthrough designs that made headlines, there were quite a few factors that gained prominence and become important for website designers and developers. While the general user may not be aware of these factors, I have tried to cover some of the most important aspects for their information.

  1. Secure Web Pages and Apps

In the wake of several cyber-attacks like the Ransomware“WannaCry” and others, it is indeed one of the most important factors to consider in designing and developing a website especially ecommerce websites. Malicious hacking was quite evident in and became a big issue but Ransomware was obviously a far bigger threat. The fact that “WannaCry” would lock up every file on your computer and won’t decrypt it unless you pay the ransom is a grave scenario.

Web Apps which help a visitor of a website in many ways like completing online tasks of checking out from an online shop and paying the amount. This is a serious situation which can turn alarming within a short span of time, especially for shopping portals. Can their visitors trust them even in filling out a form as giving out sensitive information is not easy. Is your website infected with a virus or malware you don’t know? That’s why secure web pages and apps will be a big issue in the coming year at least.

  1. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions has been made famous by Facebook and other social media websites. Now instead of liking a comment or picture, you can now choose from several reactions. This can result in increased engagement on the wall of an online shopping portal with their current and potential customers. With micro-interaction, a user is allowed to interact with the customer support, for example, without reloading the page. This is a stellar feature as there are people who even don’t know how and why to reload a page!

The web pages used to be static but now they need to be dynamic. It’s one feature that virtually every website needs to incorporate for user-friendliness. By incorporating this important design aspect, companies now interact with their visitors much easily than ever. Communication in real time is the best benefit of micro-interactions.

  1. Sticky Elements: Top or Bottom?

Sticky elements are offered now to users in the bottom of the page just as they are used to get in using a smartphone or mobile app. Needless to say, the number of hand-held device users are now much larger than desktop users and that’s why designers now need to incorporate the related changes in desktop web pages too. Progressive web apps are partially responsible for this design shift as designers and developers are looking to create websites that are more modern and function smoothly.

  1. Animations Triggered by Scrolling

Scrolled animation triggers are not new but will be an important part of how websites will look in 2018. Companies may think that incorporating changes like these are very hard but with the assistance of a reputed professional web design agency, anyone can get such websites which use this aspect smartly. These animations are not done just for the sake of having some animation on the website and they are unlike other types of animations. So exactly what is scrolled animation triggers?

The scrolled animation triggers entice a visitor of a website to keep scrolling drawing them to the point where CTAs are mentioned so that they can not only be educated about the product along the way but also present them a brilliant offer about buying the product they can’t refuse.

Final Word

Wrapping it up, the 4 design aspects mentioned in this blog are one of the most critical ones that are needed to be applied for a secure and user-friendly website. Please take some time out in giving your valuable feedback for this blog in the comments section below.