Business Management For Fruitful Results

business management

TechsPlace | Starting a new business is always stressful and requires great deal of hard work to reap results. You need trusted people to make your dream into reality and with whom you can enjoy your time realizing that dream. Who aside from best friends can be those people? With people you enjoy your time. People say to never start a business with friends and it is quite understandable because of the challenges faced. But with realistic planning, partnership with friends can be the most advantageous venture of your lifetime.…

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5 Everlasting eCommerce Web Design Hacks for Modern Entrepreneurs

Web Design

TechsPlace | As a serial Entrepreneur, I know what it feels like to start a business and not getting orders for your product. When I started 6 years back, it was less crowded and we all knew who our target market was, and the saturation was less in the field of Entrepreneurship (in my niche). At that time, website design was one sure-shot to stand out from the crowd. And as they say, some things are timeless and remain so. The aim of every eCommerce website is to generate leads.…

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Best Printers You Must Look Out For In 2018

Best Printers

TechsPlace | Printers are one of kind equipment which is used in all the small and big offices. It is required by all sorts of organizations. Now you have to make a decision to select one because you need to make a bulk purchase. Obviously, the decision can’t be an impulsive one but a well thought decision. Firstly, determine the quantity you need, then the type, and lastly the kind of features it provides. Here are some key points to keep in mind before pulling the trigger for purchasing a…

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How to Convert PDF to Word Document for Easy Editing


TechsPlace | Before we get to the point and explain how to convert PDF to Word document for easy editing, let’s just quickly explain how come Portable Document Format (PDF) is still around more than 20 years after Adobe introduced it as an open standard. It turns out that using PDF files has a lot of upsides to it. Here are just a few: PDFs are great for sharing and archiving because they are lightweight They look the same on almost any device or operating system Sensitive documents can be…

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4 Critical Web Design Aspects for Online Shopping Portals in 2018

Web Design Aspects

TechsPlace | 2017 is coming to an end and there are lots of issues that needs to be discussed regarding web design and its evolution in this year. While there were no breakthrough designs that made headlines, there were quite a few factors that gained prominence and become important for website designers and developers. While the general user may not be aware of these factors, I have tried to cover some of the most important aspects for their information. Secure Web Pages and Apps In the wake of several cyber-attacks…

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Movavi Photo Editor Review

Photo Editor

TechsPlace | Have you ever shot a great photo and wished that you could just edit it to improve it or fix it before sharing it with your friends? Or maybe you want to use a picture for a particular purpose, but you just need to tweak it a little? Nowadays people take pictures, save them and share with friends, and it has become often. Therefore, editing photos have also increased in importance. If you have always wanted to edit photos, but you have never tried because it seemed complicated,…

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