4 Critical Web Design Aspects for Online Shopping Portals in 2018

Web Design Aspects

TechsPlace | 2017 is coming to an end and there are lots of issues that needs to be discussed regarding web design and its evolution in this year. While there were no breakthrough designs that made headlines, there were quite a few factors that gained prominence and become important for website designers and developers. While the general user may not be aware of these factors, I have tried to cover some of the most important aspects for their information. Secure Web Pages and Apps In the wake of several cyber-attacks…

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5 Best Blog Design Trends For 2018

Blog Design

TechsPlace | Blog design is halfway between form and functionality. It is therefore logical that new trends are largely influenced by technology, be it devices, operating systems, browsers or program libraries available on the market. But the recent aspirations of today’s graphic designers go even further, they also influence the very principles and philosophies of design. Together, these technological advances have created a real turning point in the history of web design, particularly with the emergence of adaptive sites (“responsive” in English) and more generally, mobile oriented designs. Without further ado, here…

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Web Design Essentials: Simple Tools To Boost Your Productivity

Web Design

TechsPlace | What is the proper way to organize a team of web designers? How can you make their job easier and them more productive? What is the ideal approach – the perfect solution? Some claim that the ideal way to organize web design process is by using Kanban methodology. However, to start using this method of agile project management. Effectively, you will have first to master Kanban basics. Others, on the other hand, rely on different methods such as Scrum… It all depends on preference. What is common for…

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7 Website Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Small Business

Web Design Mistakes

TechsPlace | What is the main thing an independent venture needs? Before you begin clamoring for answers, let us give you a little insight. It is something an independent company can use to grandstand their items and administrations, assemble their image and in the meantime secure their objective market. It is a working site with great Website Design! Getting your web composition wrong is one of the most noticeably bad mix-ups you can make at the beginning of your business. A wrong web composition can compel you to state farewell…

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How Photoshop Gives Boost to Your Web Design Skills


TechsPlace | Using Photoshop is itself an opportunity for web designer to improve his or her basic or advanced skills in editing and creation. This is the perfect software by which you can show your actual creative potential. It is not really very hard to understand the using guidelines of Photoshop software but when you gain proficiency in using Photoshop software, it will bring so many opportunities your way. If you are a creative web designer then all you have to do is to understand the Photoshop and to discover…

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