5 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads

Web Design Hacks

TechsPlace | “How to get more leads?” This is one of the raving questions among all the entrepreneurs who have ventured into the online world.  What can the organizers do to attract more traffic and entice them into a great brand experience so that they come back time and again! In the vast online world, where every individual and business is screaming for attention, lead generation has become most coveted and apparently the toughest thing to achieve. But it is not such a challenge when you know that a strategic…

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Points You Should Consider While Hiring A WordPress Development Company in USA

WordPress Development

TechsPlace | We have witnessed an increased demand for the custom WordPress website development services for the past few years. It is the most leading market in the field of the content management system. Hiring a WordPress development company in USA can avail you so many benefits. WordPress is an amazing CMS development platform. The leading companies use this platform to promote the Products and Services provided by them. If you hire one such Android Mobile App Development company, which offers WordPress development solution services also then you can really…

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Woocommerce and Useful Plugins for Your E-commerce Website

E-Commerce Web Design

TechsPlace | It is known to all that one can earn big amount from an e-commerce business, so the most of the plug-in are not free. But the free options available on internet sound better for your website. The Woocommerce can be used by any small as well as large online merchants. It is an open source plug-in for word press. And if you are thinking to start an online business then WooCommerce is best for you to start your online business to get huge traffic on your website. In…

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AngularJS V/s NodeJS: Round 1


TechsPlace | The JavaScript war is at an all-time high. Developers all across the globe are debating on the best tool to use for JavaScript applications. Over the past few years, JavaScript as technology has evolved way beyond a simple client-side scripting language into an incredibly powerful programming language that can also be used to build numerous server-side applications. As a result, the AngularJS framework and NodeJS platform both can be used for making powerful client-side and server-side applications that are pretty feature-rich and interactive in nature. In fact, both…

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How to Create High Traffic Online News Magazine WordPress Website

TechsPlace | If you are planning to create an online news magazine WordPress site then it should meet unique and standard content that’s displayed in a pleasing and attractive way. That is important to appealing to new readers and holding them on the website. That’s all about the online news magazine. Let’s talk about this useful blog model. Online news magazines differ from regular, daily blogs in some ways. Blogs usually feature articles that are posted and arranged in opposite date order. While the articles may also post in unique…

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5 Everlasting eCommerce Web Design Hacks for Modern Entrepreneurs

Web Design

TechsPlace | As a serial Entrepreneur, I know what it feels like to start a business and not getting orders for your product. When I started 6 years back, it was less crowded and we all knew who our target market was, and the saturation was less in the field of Entrepreneurship (in my niche). At that time, website design was one sure-shot to stand out from the crowd. And as they say, some things are timeless and remain so. The aim of every eCommerce website is to generate leads.…

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4 Critical Web Design Aspects for Online Shopping Portals in 2018

Web Design Aspects

TechsPlace | 2017 is coming to an end and there are lots of issues that needs to be discussed regarding web design and its evolution in this year. While there were no breakthrough designs that made headlines, there were quite a few factors that gained prominence and become important for website designers and developers. While the general user may not be aware of these factors, I have tried to cover some of the most important aspects for their information. Secure Web Pages and Apps In the wake of several cyber-attacks…

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5 Best Blog Design Trends For 2018

Blog Design

TechsPlace | Blog design is halfway between form and functionality. It is therefore logical that new trends are largely influenced by technology, be it devices, operating systems, browsers or program libraries available on the market. But the recent aspirations of today’s graphic designers go even further, they also influence the very principles and philosophies of design. Together, these technological advances have created a real turning point in the history of web design, particularly with the emergence of adaptive sites (“responsive” in English) and more generally, mobile oriented designs. Without further ado, here…

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