Top 8 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

Video Marketing

TechsPlace | Video marketing has taken the world by storm, and marketers can no longer sit pretty if they have not incorporated audiovisual content in their marketing campaigns. It is the core thing now, and it has become so instrumental that organizations are investing heavily in Luckily when done appropriately, video marketing pays.

Before going the full mile and investing heavily in video, it’s essential that you understand key aspects that will affect and influence the outcome of your video campaign. For instance, you must gauge your audience and make a critical analysis to understand how different video content will be received, consumed, and interpreted. In this article, we unveil top secrets to help you sail through tough competition with video content.

Hook them From The Start!

Video marketing is about what you see and what you hear. You must, therefore, capture the attention of your audience right from the beginning by ensuring that their appetite is aroused from the beginning.

Begin by teasing with an attractive thumbnail. A thumbnail is that small segment of your video that appears alongside your video. This alone will determine how many clicks onto your video and even watches through. Make this a good hook, as it is your first impression and acts as a snippet for things to come.

In addition, ensure the first minutes of your video are relevant, audible, visually attractive, interesting, factual, and arouses the viewer’s need to watch more.

Target the right Audience

You will go far with your video marketing strategy if you have the backup of the right audience. In effect, the right audience is the one that resonates well with your brand, relates to the kind of stories you tell through videos, and eventually converts to buying customers both directly and indirectly. In this consideration, take some time to research your audience before embarking on video campaigns. It helps.

Focus on the story Before sales

Many marketers get it wrong when they shift their focus primarily on videos that push sales rather than content that drives the brand story. Your audience, however, can get a better appeal from and through videos that chronicles a journey that arouses their emotions of happiness, surprise, affection, joy, and so on.

For instance, you can still use CSR events to push the brand story. The sale will be gained from the emotions elicited by the story.

Choose Your characters right

As you tell your story, choose your characters wisely, whether human or nonhuman. If, for instance, you pick on animation graphics, make sure they represent and support your campaign creatively. Similarly, if you pick influential persons or even company executives, make sure that they articulate what you want to tell the world. The characters you use to tell your story will play a central role in driving the main point home.

Before settling on characters, ask yourself why you need/must use them and how they will represent your brand. You must get that right.

Keep it Short

Short, precise, and to the point!

That’s perhaps the best way to describe marketing videos, especially at a time when people hardly have enough time to watch and listen to marketing pitches.

You’d rather segment your videos into several short episodes than post one lengthy video that will be dull, time-consuming, and boring to watch. There are reliable experts for Video production in Brisbane, and you efficiently contact one within your area.

Use Subtitles

All over the internet, you notice that subtitles have become an important component of video marketing. Subtitles make videos interesting in two ways; one, you can still watch them without the sound; second, they are easy to follow through and understand even when the original language isn’t necessarily clear to the audience.

Even where your visuals are self-explanatory, the brain consumes the message better when aided through subtitles. Make an effort to incorporating them.

Take advantage of User-Generated Content(UGC)

User-generated content is part of the most authentic that can help your brand push forward. It may be informed of testimonials, support messages, Q&A sessions, and so on.

UGC takes care of the issue of trust, which certainly is a major concern for the online audience. When such stories are told authentically under in real-life situations, then they affirm a brand’s position and increases believability.

At the same time, allowing customers to participate in your online campaign makes it a mutually beneficial opportunity for growth. Specifically, choose videos in which customers speak strongly about your brand and recommend others to take it up. This will give you great mileage.

Always Include a Call to Action

By the end of your campaign, you want potential customers to connect with you. You want sales and sales to translate to profits. A Call to Action (CTA) is the only way to keep the conversation going over and beyond the video. A strong way of going about this is sparking a conversation that goes beyond the particular video. At the end of the video, as your audience to subscribe, connect on social media, drop you an email, visit your offices or like, comment, and so on.


If you have not given serious thought to video as a marketing tool, then you might not take full advantage of the digital space. Video is currently the ultimate way to help brands to soar high, reach more audiences, and generally keep your social media campaigns trendy. Nonetheless, it is essential to combine video marketing with other creative marketing ways to keep your brand lively in the digital platform.