What Makes an Internet Connection Insecure and Why?

internet connection

TechsPlace | The popularity of Wi-Fi has increased exponentially, mainly because of the ease of integration for connectivity between devices and the internet connection. Wi-Fi networks are more convenient and cost-effective than cable or other networks. With a wireless network installed, you no longer have to connect any wires to your computer or smartphone in order to access the internet. Wireless connectivity also leads to increased productivity because you can easily access the internet whenever you need to work. But, to truly enjoy uninterrupted internet service, you need to get…

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Manufacturing Technology Marches Ahead: Is Your Enterprise Ready for It?

Manufacturing Technology

TechsPlace | Manufacturing develops so fast, one could believe we’re living in the world of science fiction. Looking at self-driving cars, supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, and robots, one cannot fail to wonder what exactly will come next. Predictions say that in the year 2018 the digitalization of enterprise will be most aptly aided by technology revolving around data procession and analysis. This particular field of development will allow to maximize the benefits brought to the industry by automated machinery. Three main trends we shall see spearheading the manufacturing digitalization in 2018…

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Cloud Storage & Backup – The Best Way To Go For SMEs

Cloud Storage

TechsPlace | Enterprise productivity requires smoother flow of data. This means, easier and faster accessibility for parallel instead of sequential work flow. It is also very important for enterprises that this data is always available and rarely, if ever, lost. These are the two basic requirements of an enterprise, regardless of scale. These requirements are addressed by using data storage and backup solutions. It can be enterprise cloud storage, on-premises storage, on-premises backup or cloud based backup. Basically, there are a lot of options for enterprises when it comes to…

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Woocommerce and Useful Plugins for Your E-commerce Website


TechsPlace | It is known to all that one can earn big amount from an e-commerce business, so the most of the plug-in are not free. But the free options available on internet sound better for your website. The Woocommerce can be used by any small as well as large online merchants. It is an open source plug-in for word press. And if you are thinking to start an online business then WooCommerce is best for you to start your online business to get huge traffic on your website. In…

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Reasons and Solutions-Setup was Unable to Create a New System Partition

Create System Partition

TechsPlace | While installing Windows, some users might receive the following error: “Setup was Unable to Create a New System Partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information.” Now, this post will show you causes and possible solutions to this error. Reason 1: The drive used to install Windows is a logical drive. Although logical drive can be used to install Windows, we have to make sure that there is a primary partition to save boot files. Solution: Here, you can convert your logical…

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4 Tips to Help You Take Better Surfing Videos and Photos

Better Surfing

For many video enthusiasts, shooting surfing forage is one big challenge they look forward to. On one side, the prospect of capturing some great moments on camera looks tempting. And on the other side, the difficulty of handling the camera while shooting the waves can look daunting. So, if you are planning on shooting a surfing video anytime soon, then the below tips will definitely help you get better at it. Positioning The first thing you have to decide when taking surfing videos and photos is the position of the…

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Dedicated Web Hosting – Why Should You Prefer This ?

dedicated server

TechsPlace | Dedicated web server is open source servers which consist the whole services consist of various virtual machine. Choosing a dedicated web hosting server could be more costly but we prefer dedicated web hosting server to get more benefits and advantages for the long run time. Dedicated web server is a load balancing server which shared the load among the different hosts. Dedicated Server provides the benefits of high security, email stability and control. Dedicated web server is mostly used by the websites having more traffic on it. Dedicated…

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How To Find My IP Address on my Router, Windows And Phone

IP Address

What is an IP Address? All communicating devices come with addresses just like a house has an address or a business organization.  Internet Protocol Address is what is referred to in a shortened form as IP Address. An Internet Protocol is a synthesis of rules that concerns itself with Internet activities. An IP Address can, therefore, be seen as that which govern online communication through a means of identifying devices and destinations. It is the identity, usually numerical, ascribed to each device for the sake of communication in the Internet…

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5 Signs That Highlight The Importance of Software Solutions For Your Firm

software solutions

TechsPlace | In the past decade, the significance of software development has notably increased in firms across the board. Individuals and organizations are increasingly dependent on computing systems and software in their operations. Because of the increasing demand, there has been an emergence of numerous software development companies. Yet, not all companies are equal. Some offer better services than the others do. How then do you select the most software solutions company? Below are five signs of a suitable software solutions company: Open line of communication: The best software development…

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Mobile App Market All Set for an Explosive Growth

Android Developer

TechsPlace | Businesses that think that mob applications are only meant for big organizations with large number of customers and huge resources at their disposal are probably scoring a self-goal. Nowadays more and more small businesses you interact on daily basis have their own dedicated mobile app. This is of utmost importance as the proliferation of smartphones and tablets and availability of fast speed inexpensive data means that you can interact with a large number of your present and potential customers only through a high quality and functional mobile app. Availability of…

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