8 Photo Editing Apps For iOS And Android

ios and android apps

TechsPlace | Photos and pictures are very important part of our lives today. Pictures are a way to save memories forever. Selfies, groupies and clicking random pictures have become a rage among the youth of today. Many social media platforms are updated with pictures and photos. Every person wants to look their best in the pictures. Not always do we get a good picture. For that photo editor apps are always available there to help us out. There are many apps available with different features. we only just need to know how we need to edit a picture and which app would be best for us. Some of the best apps available for Android and Apple phones are listed below.

1) Adobe Photoshop fixes- This is an app that does not need any introduction when it comes to editing photos in the best possible way. It is a mobile app by Adobe for editing photos on Smartphones and Tablets. The app has a variety of useful tools to edit pictures like Red Eye removal, rotation, flip, cropping straightening, brightness, and exposure. It also comes with image editing tools and house filters such as Superpunch, Vibrant, Glow and many more frames. Borders and other design elements can be added to your picture through this app. your facial features can be edited very well through this app.It allows you to edit them as per your choice and fancies .eyes can be enlarged and enhanced, jawlines can be slimmed down. What more can be asked from a photo editor app? It is free for both iOS and Android.

2) Snapseed- When you want your picture to tell a story you can add some intelligent motivating texts to them and make them more meaningful. This is what Snapseed does for us. This app allows us to add beautiful text to a beautiful picture with beautiful fonts. It also comes with cool filters that can be fine tuned according to our choices. This app comes totally free for both iOS and Android.

3) AutoDesk Pixlr- AutoDesk Pixlr is a one stop photo editing app and has been the most favorite for years amongst people. It comes with 2 million effects, filters, and overlays. Through this app, we can create a collage, change the background and quick image layouts. Texts can also be added to the images through AutoDesk Pixlr. Selfies can be edited through blemish removal and teeth whitening features. The app can be downloaded free but a few features in the app are paid.

4) Polarr- This app is a combination of Adobe Photo fix and Snapseed. The app is known to do heavy photo editing and comes with very good editing features. The result of edited photos is also very good. The app is free on the Google Store or iOS. If you are not looking for a professional level editing job you may not even need to buy the paid features from this app.

5) SKRWT- This is a paid app and correct things from lens distortion to Wide Angle shots. It is mostly used by professional and upcoming photographers. Editing architectural shots are done beautifully through this app. This editing app is used for very technical editing jobs.

6) Camera 360- This app is the most favorite app for people in Asia. It comes with 200 filters to play with having many stickers and face correction effects. Selfies can be made more beautiful without any error. This app automatically applies makeup and beautifies the face to look convincingly real. So much fun for all the girls out there without even spending a single penny.

7) PicsArt- This is an app that has a list of never ending features. It is fully laden with every image editing tool and layout. We can make a collage, draw something on the image. Countless filters, text adding tools with beautiful fonts are there. Elements like speech bubbles borders, lens flares can be added to your picture through PicsArt. There are birthday frames, love quotes and other features also that can be made to impress your friends and loved ones and of course, this too is a free app.

8) Prisma- Prisma for sure is an app everyone has heard about. This app was topping the editing app charts sometime back. Prisma is an editing app that detects the facial elements and converts the picture into a painting. A perfect stop for the art lovers out there. You can turn your picture into a masterpiece painting. The app has many different filters that are based on different kind of paintings such as sketch, oil painting and more.

So you all selfie freaks, what are you waiting for? Go get the apps that suit you best and makes you look the best and the most beautiful.