The Art of SEO: Book Review And Critique

Art of SEO

TechsPlace | The Art of SEO is an SEO book for all skill levels that was written by Eric Enge (Stone Temple Consulting), Stephan Spencer (Netconcepts), Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz) and Jessie C. Stricchiola (Alchemist Media), who are all experts in the SEO Digital Marketing field. Who Should Read This Book? Anyone can benefit from The Art of SEO. This book starts with most basic SEO principles that would be needed by those just beginning to learn SEO. It’s also a great review for those people with a medium level of…

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A Complete Keyword Research Guide for Beginners In 2018

keyword research 2018

TechsPlace | Keywords are said to be as a short and neat description of the most search topics. The term which deals with the Search engine optimization is said to be the short phrases or a word which has been entered into any of the web search sites.  In the point of view of the online site builders and the content writers, the keyword which was placed in the topics should be more relevant to the minds of the people those who are in search of different topics. This will…

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High Quality Off Page SEO Data for Link Building 2018

Off Page SEO

TechsPlace | The main aim of posting this blog to save a business person or service providers who are either looking for an SEO guy as a freelancer or a company that is offering Internet or digital marketing service. Guys or company make be cheated with them, they may Fake/fraud that is promising that they are the best but in actual they are not. SEO is the best way for all small as well as large businessmen to make their business products viral over the Internet within their budget and time.…

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SEO or Social Media? Why Not to Relish in a Hybrid?

SEO or Social Media

TechsPlace | Lest you have been a cave dweller for a decade or more, you would be acquainted with ‘what’s meant by hopping on the digital bandwagon’ and how amazingly digital marketing world has been booming. The digital marketing industry is trailblazing and growing in a myriad of unprecedented ways. The marketing realm is packed with a plethora of convoluted terminologies; for instance, website authority, conversion rate, backlinks, bounce rate, etc. However, even an amateur marketer is supposed to be well aware of the buzzwords like SEO, SEM and Social…

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Don’t Underestimate The Power of Guest Posting- Effective Link Building Strategy

Guest Posting

TechsPlace | Guest posting & link building in general is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that gets overlooked, is often underestimated or is just simply unknown by far too many website owners. While proper on-site SEO (meta tags, copy optimization, internal linking etc.) is crucial to a successful campaign, the off-site SEO should be given just as much attention. More specifically, a strategy that is really quite simple to implement and produces noticeable results is guest posting. For those who aren’t familiar with guest posting, essentially it’s writing an…

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10 Myths That Should Be Eliminated From Your SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist

TechsPlace | In the demanding world of internet marketing, a lot of SEO experts come up with some great wise bits of advice every day. You won’t believe that many of them don’t really come forward with their thorough research and just promote downright lies, which more often executed religiously and some are myths that should be eliminated from SEO checklist. One must understand that SEO can turn out to be the most powerful strategy for the online presence of any business if implemented the right way. Unfortunately, a lot…

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5 Tips to Make Your Website Dominant in Local SEO Rankings

Local SEO

TechsPlace | If you’ve followed search engine optimization for any spam of time, you would have known one thing that does not change, “SEO changes all the time”. Local SEO is very important if you are running a business which targets local customers. To get the local customers, you have to make changes accordingly local SEO, and it is somehow different than usual SEO. In this article, you can read what should be the tactics to dominant local market and local ranking; you can read a quick walk through of…

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7 Vital Ways To Develop Into A Dynamic SEO Expert

SEO expert

TechsPlace | Search Engine Optimization specialist or SEO expert is not about polishing your specialization skills, it is about progressing yourself and grinding your soft skills relentlessly. I have been working as an SEO specialist since many years and today I’m an indispensable part of this digital worlds; digital marketing is unaccomplished without SEO and subsequently SEO expert. My expedition en-route to become a SEO consultant has fortunately been very calm. It is all because of the passion I had for internet. The vehemence in me, the attraction for internet,…

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How to Capture Visitors Data Without Any Disturbance

Capture Visitors Data

TechsPlace | Websites have changed a lot during the last few years from simple page websites to responsive and interactive websites with live chat. Every single visitor on a website is important for any type of business. Most businesses want visitors to their websites to either make an online purchase or make an inquiry. Often, this is also the goal of a person when they arrive on the website, so both sides achieve their desired result. However, on some occasions, prospects are simply browsing the site for information and won’t…

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Run And Handle Competition With SEO Campaign Tips

SEO Campaign

TechsPlace | From forgetting the most basic (like putting the keywords) to some things a little more far fetched (choose the right anchor text or the most feasible titles), to make mistakes of strategy positioning web is a lack in which every professional of the area Digital marketing can fall at some point. SEO can be a powerful tool for your web positioning campaign, but its success is totally linked to the way you implement it, paying attention to what is really important and leaving aside everything that can lead…

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