Why And How To Migrate Outlook PST Into Office 365 Cloud

Outlook PST

What is Microsoft Outlook & Office 365? MS Outlook is a Personal Information Manager which is developed by Microsoft. It is mainly used as an email application, including calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, magazine, and web browsing. It works with POP3, IMPA & Exchange Server. Microsoft Office 365 is a web-based email client; it works on Cloud and Exchange Online environment. Presently lots of Outlook users are migrating their data to Office 365 online environment and the reason for the same is simple i.e., “Reliability” and “Access Anywhere”…

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SEO Tips For B2B Companies

SEO Tips

TechsPlace | In many B2B companies, SEO is rarely among their top priorities. And there are many reasons: probably you have limited resources or your services or products are highly specialized or you rely heavily on the usual marketing strategies to draw in customers. You might think that sticking with your traditional business model is working just fine even without implementing B2B SEO strategies. But the truth is you’re probably missing out on a lot of opportunities and potential new leads. The shift to the digital world is inevitable. Whether…

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Export Thunderbird Mail OR Apple Mail To Outlook In PST Format

How to Export MBOX to Outlook from Apple Mail or Thunderbird Apple Mail and Thunderbird are both fairly well-used and well-executed email clients. Apple Mail is an inbuilt mailing tool only for MAC OS, whereas Thunderbird is used on both MAC and Windows OS. But after the achievement of MS Outlook, people are moving towards this email client except for Apple Mail and Thunderbird. Microsoft Outlook provides better features and function that becomes very important for a user during the work but it doesn’t offer any method to import MBOX…

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Key AP Issues And How Automation Can Help?

Key AP

TechsPlace | Most organizations leverage accounts payable software to lower costs, enhance process efficiency and improve service to stakeholders. But, organizations will never achieve full benefits of shared services environment, if they rely on manual and paper-based accounting processes. Paper-driven processes create significant information gaps that negatively impact processing time, cash management, compliance and control. The following are some of the issues in accounts payable process: Accounts payable and receivable workflows Approver response times Number of invoices, checks and remittances processed in a specific time frame Time spent on exceptions…

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How To Recover Images Removed On Android Devices

Recover Images

TechsPlace | Your problem seems to be serious, and there are wide ranging circumstances when it becomes crucial recover deleted images from Android. For example, you might have unintentionally deleted your photos, or may have been facing a result of a virus attack. Are you unable to get knowledge on how to recover deleted photos from android? Don’t worry, we will guide you how to recover your deleted photos. We will tell the proper solutions to recover deleted Android photos. Some important things to bear in mind to recover deleted…

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How Financial Technology Affects Your Business

Financial Technology

TechsPlace | Technology has already changed the way modern business operates and it continues to make big changes in our lives. Nowadays we have special medical equipment that can define dangerous living conditions, alarms that can identify poisonous substances in the air, and computer software that is smarter than ever before. Information technology concentrates on the establishment of electronic networks that alter information. The advances in information technology increased the popularity of online finance as financial transactions inevitably involve the exchange of the information. According to Professor Jane K. Winn…

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How Technology Will Change Digital Marketing In Future

Digital Marketing

TechsPlace | The move towards 2018 also comes with a great shift in digital marketing. Since new trends are increasingly getting into the marketplace, your company needs to pay special attention or you may end up being left behind by technology. With the need to reach more customers and become visible, the digital marketing of tomorrow relies more on technology as customers’ demands become a more integrated experience. As we try to look at what the future has, it’s good to know that digital marketing is not constant. We not…

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Open Source CRM System

CRM System

TechsPlace | A CRM or customer relationship management system helps in developing and nurturing meaningful relationships with the customer. Whether big or small, every company can benefit from a well developed CRM system. But quite often the high cost of enterprise grade CRM systems takes them beyond the reach of majority of the organizations as only a handful of companies with good money can afford such advanced, feature rich systems. The open source CRM market was first opened with the launch of Sugar CRM and today after more than a…

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Website Load Speed Optimization (To Improve or Not to Improve)

Website Load

TechsPlace | Now a days having a fast website is crucial. Even though the content is super interesting and useful, the visitors may be unsatisfied with the speed. If you are a person who pays attention to the website performance, this article will be helpful for you. The answer for the question: “To improve or not to improve the speed of website load time?” is much uncertain. And now we will explain why. The Advantage of Speed Optimization Google announced that the website speed is one of the points to…

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How To Use Scan Doctor And HP Print For Windows To Fix Printer Problems?

Fix Printer Problems

TechsPlace | In today’s world most of the issues are solved using tools available in the online. Printer is one such device which is used widely for various uses in most of the places. So there is a possibility of these devices giving trouble at times.  In the same way HP Print and scan doctor is the tool that allows solving all the problems related to printing and scanning.  This is the tool is available only for Windows operating system and allows in resolving minor issues such as missing print…

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