Increase Your Target Audience with Brochures

Target Audience

TechsPlace | Advertising is at the core of sales and marketing activities. It is necessary and essential for the growth in sales and revenue of any organization. Gone are the days when advertising was merely about ads in a newspaper and an occasional pamphlet. Nowadays advertisers have different forms of traditional as well as digital advertising options ready for their clients. Millennials also argue that digital marketing is much more effective than print marketing but with tons of experience to back us, we can assure you that traditional marketing and…

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Know Android Q Features and Working in Apps

Android Q

TechsPlace | Android is all set to roll on its next dice with the new Android 10 Beta 3 version that is Android Q. A fully-fledged release is planned to hit the market this season with major features for the tenth version. The most common changes which the users might notice the UI i.e. the dark mode and improved gestures. But there is a lot more to the major version apart from these minute changes. The basic aim is to meet the needs of the users along with rectifying all…

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All You Need to Know About Business Tradelines

Business Tradelines

TechsPlace | When it comes to financing the daily expenses of a business, entrepreneurs have several options including loans and credit lines from banks and other lenders, capital from investors, owners’ additional capital, and so on. For financing the purchase of goods and services, a business can look into business tradelines. What are business tradelines? Business tradelines are lines of credit offered to a business by its vendors, and the arrangement enables the business to receive goods or services and with an agreement to settle the payments on a specified…

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How to Connect with Your Employees – 5 Great Communication Hints

Communication Hints

TechsPlace | Operating a business successfully is full of a lot of moving parts. You need to have your marketing on point, develop great produce of service, and offer quality customer service. Also, you cannot ignore the massive impact that technology has had on business. There are many different technologies and tools that can have a hugely positive impact on your business. Nowadays, the recruiting process is something that is becoming more and more automated, since the process took too much time in the past. The popular solution is an…

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Which Marketing Videos Will Make Your Business Grow

Video Marketing

TechsPlace | As a digital marketer, the most common roadblock you have to face is – making your content engaging. It’s a common challenge faced by B2C as well as B2B marketers. In order to encourage your visitors to interact with your business content, you need to showcase your brand story to them that can delight and inspire. It means you have to consistently keep developing content that can: Educate your visitors Answers the queries of your audience Entertain your visitors and keep them hooked Easy to say but really…

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Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Your Business Online

business online

TechsPlace | In a hyper-competitive world, all businessmen are looking at new avenues to generate higher revenue and increase their profits. If you are a traditional brick and mortar store, then the next step for you is going online with your business. According to a report dug up by a digital marketing company in Pune, there are more than 500 million internet users in India. Out of which 87% are regular internet users. So, taking your business online is not just a smart move but also a progressive move in…

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Social Media Strategies for Driving Sales on WordPress Shop

Social Media Strategies

TechsPlace | In the past several years, the landscape of digital commerce has changed a lot along with a change in consumers’ buying preferences and tastes too. And, to meet those needs and changing eCommerce environment, retailers have brought in the power of various strategies and opted for different web platforms. Nowadays, one of the revolutionary changes in digital selling is social media commerce. Apparently, social media platforms came into existence as a sole medium of online communication with other individuals. However, it becomes a perfect destination for commerce activities…

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Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger – The Best Monitoring App for Parents

Monitoring App for Parents

TechsPlace | The Android keylogger APK is a piece of software application that enables the user to collect all the keystrokes used on an Android device (the software is to be installed on the device). And it is the Best Monitoring App for Parents. Keylogger software is useful for any meaningful purposes such as monitoring kid’s smartphone by parents, or an employer monitoring their employees. What is the application keylogger phone? If you have any sensitive information in your smartphone, you can know who accessed the information using the software.…

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How To Choose The Best Managed IT Support For Your Business – Things To Watch Out For!

Managed IT Support

TechsPlace | Due to the high demand for managed IT support for numerous industries, the number of companies offering such services is growing rapidly. During a typical year, 75% of SMBs occasionally outsource their IT to a solution provider, VAR, or MSP. Business owners are spending weeks trying to find the best IT support provider for their needs. Sometimes, they end up hiring the wrong company. This results in downtime, security problems, high expenses, etc. If you are looking for a managed IT support company today, stop for three minutes…

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Virtual Vision – What Entrepreneurs Need From a Virtual Office

Virtual Office

TechsPlace | The business world is certainly not for the faint of heart, it can be ruthless and you will need every possible advantage to survive. As an entrepreneur, doing business can be cutthroat in a lot of situations and you are going to need all the help you can find to get yourself and your business ventures recognized and trusted. Virtual offices have been around for quite some time now and they can serve small and mid-sized businesses very well. A virtual office can give your potential clients and…

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